The New 2020 Sky-Dweller Takes Off On Oysterflex

The New 2020 Sky-Dweller Takes Off On Oysterflex

An Unexpected Release 

After the cancelation of Baselworld 2020, Rolex announced that new releases would be delayed indefinitely. Most collectors assumed this meant there would be no announcements from Rolex for the 2020 calendar year. However, in early July 2020, buzz about new Rolexes hit the grapevine, and collectors started to look forward to September 1 for news from Rolex. 

What made The Crown change its mind? Maybe seeing the response to Tudor’s two 2020 releases (the Black Bay 50 in navy blue and the Tudor Royal) gave Rolex confidence in releasing their own innovations. Whatever the reason, they released a bevy of new designs, new dial colors, and even a new movement on September 1, 2020.

2020 Sky-Dweller on Oysterflex 

Of course, as a watch band retailer, we were especially interested in the new 2020 Sky-Dweller release. Rolex placed the new Sky-Dweller on an Oysterflex strap. This makes it the third watch reference to be paired with an elastomer bracelet, along with the Daytona and the Yacht-Master. We think it makes a stellar addition to the trio. For now, Rolex has been consistent in putting only precious metal watches on Oysterflex straps, and the 2020 Sky-Dweller follows this protocol. It’s available in 18 ct yellow gold, and Everose gold, both of which gleam brightly against the matte Oysterflex bracelet. There’s no question: it’s a beauty. Plus, the technology inside the case is just as impressive as the carefully-designed exterior.  

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The Sky-Dweller Movement: A Recap  

It’s interesting to see Rolex focusing their attention on the Sky-Dweller. It was unveiled in 2012, making it the first new Rolex reference in 50 years. The Sky-Dweller also showed Rolex’s commitment to innovation in their in-house movement design. From a movement perspective, the Sky-Dweller is a souped-up version of a Datejust or a Day-Date with a GMT function. Calibre 9001 was called SOROS, and was Rolex’s first watch to include an annual calendar. It’s clearly a watch for horology enthusiasts, and seeing its design and movement updated was quite a treat. If you’re on a waitlist for the new Sky-Dweller, try putting another watch in your collection on our black rubber strap. Precious metal against a black background is a winning combination, as the 2020 Sky-Dweller shows.

Written by Meghan Clark

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