The 2020 Wrap Up of Top Picks of Everest Bands

top watch trends of 2020

As we start to wrap up this crazy year of 2020, we wanted to flashback to some of Everest’s #watchfam top picks! 


1. Black Rubber Watch Band for Rolex Deployant

We recently reviewed how to find the best rubber strap for your Rolex. We’re here today to share what the most popular watch strap of 2020 is today - Everest’s black rubber watch band for your Rolex clasp. It preserves your Rolex bracelet as well as offers you a custom, clean and classy style to your wrist. It’s versatile between work and play because of its elegance. The color oozes sophistication and power. 

top watch trends of 2020Image from @stevensmith35

Strap up your Rolex - whether its a Submariner or a Daytona or a GMT - with Everest’s watch fam’s favorite! It gives new life to your Rolex. If you’re still wondering why to choose a rubber strap, you can read more here. Check out Everest customers’ reviews of their top picked watch band style for this year.

New look and eyes catching” - Sidney N.

“Excellent quality...exactly what I expected.” - Kevin M.

“Most comfortable straps I have for my Explorer.” - Richard B.

2. Green Rubber Watch Band for Rolex Deployant Clasp

top watch trends of 2020Image from @rolexdiver

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, the Everest green rubber watch band for Rolex deployant clasp is runner up number 2. The deployant clasp seems to be a trend this year. Many Everest Band customers choose to utilize a favorite feature on their Rolex bracelets while others choose to completely preserve their entire Rolex bracelet. But, back to these fan favorites!

Green is not only Rolex’s color, but it also represents tranquility, good luck and health which I think we all needed a bit more of this year, which may be why it’s a top pick. The Everest green rubber watch band nicely compliments the green accents on Rolex watches - especially the Air-King writing and GMT Master II Ceramic hand. The color also looks fabulous on the Rolex Hulk which is being discontinued this year. So, you really don’t want to miss out on this chance to get a customized look. Everest customers are also just as excited!

top watch trends of 2020Image from @frankjewelers

“I have had my watch noticed more often since these were installed! Love the new look!” - Peter F.

3. Everest Watch Roll for Three Watches in Blue

top watch trends of 2020Image from @relojrology

We can’t forget about our watch accessories which are just as popular as our watch bands. Everest Watch Roll for three watches in blue was Everest customers’ top favorite this year. With three slots, it’s the most popular size. The blue leather is a royal color with its gold threading. 

When the Everest watch roll is closed, the darker hue of the Everest watch roll allows it to blend into your surroundings to keep your watches safe with its discreteness. But, when opened, the interior of your Everest watch roll illuminates and highlights your beauties while keeping them safe in their slots. We’re not the only ones who are fans of its beautiful design and structure. You can see others’ experiences as well.  

top watch trends of 2020

Purchased 1 and liked it so much I ordered 4 additional cases. Very nicely made. I especially like the slide in watch roll which is more secure and convenient than the snap in versions.” - Noah W.

“Arrived beautifully wrapped and I wasn’t disappointed with the 3 watch roll. The blue leather looked great and is made by craftsmen or women. The interior and the watch holders are great, securing each watch individually preventing any scratching from its neighbour. Somebody has put a lot of thought into this design including the flat bottom of the watch roll which prevents it rolling around. The watches look beautifully presented when the roll is opened.

I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you.” - Christopher J. 

If you’re looking to jump on the trend bus with us, make sure to take advantage of our Holiday sale. We’re offering 15% off of your entire order and a free gift of a watch pouch with all orders over $100.

Header Image from @rolexdiver

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