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basel watch strap
Weโ€™ve had some time to ingest and digest the barrage of social media posts about all the new watches released at Baselworld 2016. Judging by my Facebook feed, much of the watch press is headed home, presumably to be replaced...
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tudor black bay watch band
This just in! Social media is buzzing with this leaked photo. Is THIS what Tudor is about to announce at Baselworld? Theyโ€™re calling it the Black Bay Bronze, and itโ€™s got a definite boutique watch, vintage style vibe. The guys...
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baselworld news
Itโ€™s now a continualย ramp up for next weekโ€™s opening of Baselworld. Bloggers the forums are past predicting and starting to talk about what they want to see from the brands. A little late perhaps, andย itโ€™s all hopeful dreaming anyway, right?...
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More Thoughts on Baselworld 2016
OK, things are heating up around the upcoming horological event of the year โ€“ Baselworld. The brands are publishing press releases and watch nerds from near and far are alternating between speculation on new releases and scouring the interwebz for...
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