Swinging into Rolex’s Partnership with Golf

Swinging into Rolex’s Partnership with Golf

As we swing into the archives of the Rolex pressroom to explore its relationship to golf, you’re about to discover a developing and deep relationship between golf and Rolex. Rolex is intertwined not only in its relationship to the game but it's relationship to the players themselves. As partners to elite players to sponsoring tournaments and associations, golf’s history and popularity are intertwined with Rolex.

The partnership between Rolex and golf has an extensive and rich history. The Rolex pressroom notes: “For more than 50 years, Rolex has been the very heart of golf.” In 1967, Arnold Palmer partnered with Rolex. Arnold Palmer, one of the greatest golfers, himself notes “Rolex has shared every second of my time for the last 51 years.” He was joined by two other friends and rivals who were champions in the sport: Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. These three were known for their talent as the Big Three) All three members of the Big Three seemed to favor gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Dates. 

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This partnership modernized the ancient sport and made golf available to the mainstream audience through news and television coverage of intense competition. The popularity of the sport grew around the world with new tournaments being organized and sponsored by Rolex - especially for women’s golf, like the Rolex sponsored Evian Championship. Additionally, Rolex established something referred to as the “Rolex New Guard.” This group consists of golf players on the elite list that are Rolex sponsored pros. The individuals include many well known players like Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler. 

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While most professional golfers don’t tend to wear their watches during play due to the added weight to their wrist. It can feel awkward and throw off their swing even though Rolex watches can withstand the shock to the movement without loosening any of its parts. Key players sport their Rolex models before and after rounds (an Everest watch pouch would be perfect for storage during play here).

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As for the players, if you take a look at their wrists, we see a variety of Rolex sports models, Jordan Spieth wears a Rolex Polar dial Explorer II ref. 216570. Jason Day and Tiger Woods favor the large Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller. You’ll find Justin Thomas wearing his Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 116622. And, Rickie Fowler has always been a Rolex Daytona fan. He originally wore the ref. 116506, but these days he’s rocking the ceramic Rolex Daytona ref.116500LN. Everest Bands sell Swiss-Made watch bands for all of these models here. You can lighten up your wrist and coordinate with your favorite golf gear.

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Motivated to achieve greatness and follow in the footsteps of their iconic predecessors, every member of the Rolex New Guard prepares for pressure situations with unrelenting emphasis on precision, performance, passion, reliability and uncompromising quality. They play with the utmost respect for one another while sharing a mutual bond and close friendship. 

Golf history has become a part of Rolex history. It has been there for the great moments in golf history.  And, Rolex has become a part of golf’s great traditions. Some as old as the game itself. Rolex has also become a part of new traditions through sponsorship of more women’s tournaments and raised the competition to the next level through the Rolex Series in Europe. But even as the game expands, its essence never changes. 

Through its sponsorship of the President’s cup, Rolex is proud to promote a pure spirited game. Additionally, Rolexes partnership with R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrew’s), USGA (United States Golf Association) and the rules of golf ensures golf’s integrity is upheld as the sport grows around the world. Rolex will continue to build golf’s legacy from the ground up, being the driving force behind the champions. 

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Final Note: The Open Championship has been cancelled this year. The Open Championship for the best golfer of the year was supposed to be played next week at Royal St. George GC in which Rolex was the official timepiece.During COVID-19 as many sporting events and leagues are having to change protocols and procedures, golf is not excluded from this. But, the 120th U.S. Open Championship  is still scheduled to occur September 17 - 20 at the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York. Rolex is the official sponsor of the US Open.

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