Summer Pairings: Ultimate Summer Watch Style Guide

Summer Pairings: Ultimate Summer Watch Style Guide

This summer we might be able enjoy some outdoor activities without as much trepidation. It’s also an excuse to break out some top notch watches to enjoy summertime activities with. We go with a sport watch on a bracelet, rubber strap or nylon strap. Add some color, at least 100 meters of water resistance and you’re set.

Black Bay 58 blue

Photo by Monochrome Watches

Some of team members were lucky enough to pick up a Tudor Black Bay 58 and in the classic black dial or newer blue dial, this neo-classic diver is an ideal summertime companion. Excellent proportions, vintage styling and striking good looks make for an all-purpose summer companion.

It’s cousin the Pelagos also makes for a strong summer watch. Titanium case, 500 meters of water resistance and a bold 42mm case lets the world know you’re ready to tackle any mission. Bonus points if you are wearing the bright blue version with a tropical drink in hand.

Rolex Submariner

Photo by Monochrome Watches

Of course we couldn’t write a summer watch piece without suggesting a Rolex Submariner of any style. Whether you like a Submariner Date, five digit, two-tone, white gold, yellow gold, Kermit bezel or straight-up black on black, the Submariner may be the ultimate summer watch that can take from all day at the beach to a nice dinner with ease. Just put on a crisp white button-up for dinner and you’ll look like a million bucks. That’s the power of a great watch.

If you don’t want to scratch up the bracelet of your Rolex at the beach, we always put on an Everest Rubber Strap or NATO strap for the summer. It’s nice to switch up your look of course, but high-quality rubber straps are highly functional when it’s hot out. They shed water quickly and can really handle rugged activities like kayaking. We’re all for using our sport watches without too much care, but adding a rubber strap just gives us an even more care-free watch wearing experience.

Because you generally don’t have to wear shirts with tight cuffs in the summer, going for the bigger watches in your collection makes perfect sense. We’ve been wearing our Panerai Luminor Base on an Everest Rubber Strap a lot in the summer. It has that bold oversized look that really elevates any shorts, T-shirt and ball cap combination.

rolex daytona on rubber strap

And don’t forget chronographs with screw down pushers. Of course Tudor has released two new versions of their Black Bay Chronograph models, but the king in this category will always be the Rolex Daytona. Sorry, Speedmaster owners, the 50 meters of water resistance just won’t cut it for our summertime watch choices. 

If you can’t tell, we just love our watches even more in the summertime. With less opportunities to show your style with your outfits, your watch becomes your statement. Choose wisely and rotate often and be sure to use your timing bezel to be the true master of the grill.

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