Six Instagram Accounts to Follow for the Panerai Fans

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Over the years, Panerai has amassed a very loyal fan base. From pre-vendome to Richemont, the “Paneristi” has seen Panerai grow from a small watch brand out of Florence to a full Swiss manufacture. In the last five years, Instagram has completely changed the landscape in which watch collectors communicate. Everything has become a lot more interactive with collectors being able to post images and stories of their personal watch journeys in real time. Here are six instagram accounts for the Panerai lover.

Domenico aka @_dome13

Domenico is someone who breathes, sleeps, eats, Panerai. He’s a household name among the Paneristi, and his close to 1000 IG posts are top to bottom all Panerai. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as his Instagram bio reads “Panerai is not just a watch, it’s a lifestyle.” An active member on Panerai forums and facebook groups, Domenico is one of the few keeping the Panerai DNA alive. From his PAM 671 Bronzo to his PAM 001 Firenze, Domenico has the Luminor front covered.

panerai instagrams to follow

Image Source @_dome13

Serdar aka @soalfb 

Creator of the internationally known watch blog Horobox, Serdar is no stranger to the Instagram watch community. As of the last couple years, Serdar is known for his Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek acquisitions. However, anyone who has been following him longer than that knows that the man has a big love for all things Panerai. A hardcore Paneristi through and though, Serdar has owned more Panerai models than I can count and has helped keep to brand relevant and in the eyes of collectors through his work on Horobox.

panerai instagrams to follow

Image Source @soalfb

Brian aka @bdotlau

Based in the US, Brian is one of the “OG” American Panerai collectors. From watches to whisky, Brian’s tastes tend to steer towards the rare, limited, and highly desired. While his recent focus has been geared towards Rolex, Patek, and Audemars Piguet, Panerai is the brand that started him off on this wild journey of watch collecting. Keep an eye on his account because he’s bound to surprise you with some rare birds like the PAM 80, PAM 148, and a Pre A 4.

panerai instagrams to follow

Image Source @bdotlau 

Noah aka @the.noys_ (Formerly @sophisticatedrogue)

Noah’s love for Panerai comes second to none. His journey to the brand was featured back in May when he wrote about acquiring his first Panerai, the PAM 372. The PAM 372 is what Noah is known best for. You’d think one would get sick of seeing the same 372 being photographed over and over again, but Noah's style and skill behind the camera has kept myself and many of his followers engaged for years. Along with his PAM 911, PAM 232, and his rugged lifestyle shots, Noah’s account is a breath of fresh air in a sea of IG watch accounts. 

panerai instagrams to follow

Image Source @the.noys_

DK aka @watchstylo 

With crisp images and 70.2k followers, your odds of not running into one of @watchstylo’s photos is slim to none. A multi-brand collector of IWC, Rolex, Omega, and Panerai, @watchstylo’s collection and photography leaves many watch enthusiasts in awe. With regards to Panerai, his most impressive piece is the PAM 700 Lab-ID. With a price tag of $54,000 and limited to 50 pcs, the Lab-ID is a cutting edge piece out of Panerai’s Laboratorio di idee and is backed by a 50 years guarantee!

panerai instagrams to follow

Image Source @watchstylo

Khalil aka @paneraicentral

it’s impossible to be a Panerai fan and not follow this account. For years, @paneraicentral has been the go to source on Instagram for all things Panerai. From collector images to the latest news and interviews, Khalil has given the Paneristi a very up close and personal look into the brand that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Most of the time, Khalil announces the newest novelties before Panerai does on their official account. If you’re looking to be up to date with the brand, then be sure to follow @paneraicentral! 

panerai instagrams to follow

 Image Source @paneraicentral

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Written by Patrick Bernardez

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