Shorter straps can make all the difference

Shorter straps can make all the difference

When you have a wrist under 7 inches in circumference you can get away with a standard sized strap. But if you can get a strap that is just a bit shorter, your day-to-day enjoyment of the strap can be much better both aesthetically and for comfort.

So if you are on the last hole of a strap on the 6’ o’clock side surely there is a lot of strap material that needs to be managed. Once you fit it under the keepers there is typically a lot of excess strap hanging out. You’ll often see the “tail” of the strap peeking out when checking the time. This bothers some people and doesn’t faze others. It’s like getting your pants properly hemmed with little or no break, it does look neater, but there are always those who simply don’t care. We’ll side with the people who do care in life as it’s the little details that add up. If you need more style guidance from a guy with small wrists, check out YouTuber The Modest Man, who shares his watch collection here. He also offers up some suggestions for Rolex watches for smaller wrists.

At Everest, our standard straps do a pretty good job of accommodating a wide range of wrist sizes. But we’ve listened to our customers and now have a selection of shorter straps in our lineup of tang buckle rubber straps, just in time for summer.

Our standard straps measure 80mm x 120mm and our new shorter straps are 70mm x 100mm. The shorter straps are recommended for wrist sizes under 6.74 inches, which just happens to be about 50% of us. For many, the shorter strap allows users to wear it around the third hole in from the 6 o’ clock side, which results in the aforementioned neater appearance. It’s nice just to not have so much extra rubber if it’s not needed. Like we mentioned, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference. We’ve heard your feedback and delivered.

The team members who have smaller wrists have provided feedback that the shorter Everest straps are indeed more comfortable for them over a long period of wear time. The wrist above and below measures 6.25 inches in diameter. Our tang-buckle straps (as opposed to our deployant models remain the simplest iteration of our rubber line.  So if you want something you can put on, enjoy and forget about, try one of our shorter straps.

If you’ve never tried one of our straps, one aspect you’ll notice is that our rubber straps have a nice natural curve to them on the wrist. You don’t get that pinching feeling that some straps have because they are too stiff. The combination of the shorter length and curve may just help you achieve that Goldilocks fit you’ve been searching for. Take a look at the video below.

Another consideration is if you have smaller wrists but like to wear larger watches such as Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller, a rubber strap with a shorter length will really help hold a heavier and bulkier watch on your wrist more firmly. Even moderately sized watches above 40mm such as the original Tudor Black Bay feel very secure on the wrist with one our rubber straps.

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