Need a Secure Leather Watch Pouch?

Need a Secure Leather Watch Pouch?

In the market for a watch pouch? There are thousands of different designs out there - different materials, different pouch closures, different shapes and sizes. So, we understand the frustrating dilemma...which one? We’re here to help!

It’s all about the details. The beautifully crafted leather exterior, the soft interior, the secure snap closure. This watch pouch has you covered. 

watch travel pouch

The exterior leather is vegetable tanned - a process we describe in depth here. A centuries-old tradition that is environmentally safe creates leather that is unique to each watch pouch. Everest leather watch pouches are offered in: a dark midnight blue, an olive military green, a gray-hued taupe, a deep espresso brown, a saddle tan leather. Each pouch features a different stitch to perfectly compliment the hue of the leather. 

Both the midnight blue and military green have a matching stitch while the others have contrasting. The taupe leather features a cream stitch. The Espresso brown has a beautiful gold stitch, and the tan finishes the collection off with a unique dark blue stitch. 

leather watch pouch

The soft interior of the pouch color hue matches the exterior, and the pouch features an insertable card. The card is thick yet pliable and covered in the soft interior material to protect the back of your watch case. By inserting the card between the bracelet and watch case, your watch is secured against damage during jostling. 

The pouch is enclosed by a secure silver snap that is easy to close. Protecting your watch from every angle, the back of the snap is of course covered. We can’t have any scratched crystals plaguing us. As you slide your watch in and out of your leather watch pouch, you can do so confidently knowing it is secure. The soft interior will prevent the dust accumulation and wipe it free when you pull out your watch. 

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So sure, you can head over to Amazon and find a watch pouch for $20. But, how long will it last you? What’s it made of? Who designed it? Don’t put your faith in the big guys monopolizing the market. Work with us to make all of your watch fantasies come true. Protect your investment with designers who understand the importance of protecting watches. Carry around something that has been beautifully crafted of only the purest material. 

Have something else you’re looking for? Shoot us a quick email and share with us what you need.

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