by Aleta Saeger January 09, 2020 3 min read

Sometimes, we see more and more iWatches, FitBits, and simply smartphones being used to check the time, but looking closely, we not only continue to see more timepieces, we are seeing an insurgence of Rolex, Tudor and Panerai watches. Timepieces aren’t going anywhere. If anything, more and more are rediscovering the lost world of beautifully crafted timepieces. Whether for everyday use or only for special occasions, a timepiece is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. The one element of a watch that can be overlooked but has a significant style impact is the watch band. 

We’re diving more deeply into the lifestyle of a leather watch band - specifically for Rolex, Tudor or Panerai when it comes to Everest Bands. But first, you may be asking...why leather? Because, leather watch bands (along with your timepiece) tell a story. Join us as we explore and experience the Everest leather watch strap at the next level.

Understand that Everest Bands uses 100% pure Italian Vegetable Tanned leather which means each individual piece used to create a watch band is not like any other. First, the hide used itself for the watch band is unique. Being vegetable tanned means the leather has been tanned with plants like oak, bark, roots, etc. Being a natural process, it’s not only eco-friendly but one of the oldest methods known to man - centuries old.

With the Everest leather watch bands themselves, whether dressing up or down, the classic, curved end design with neutral colors like black, brown or tan are popular choices. Because it looks equally great whether in the office or at a wedding, this classic leather band without any bells or whistles is the most common choice. However, if you are looking for the bells and whistles, look no further than the Everest steel end link design. The patented design curves directly to your Rolex sports model case, offering an immaculate continuation of the well-known Rolex style. Everest’s alligator embossed options also offer a more complex style for a more elevated look. 

If you are interested in a more eye-catching look, but nothing too much - the added detail of contrast stitching is the perfect watch band style for you. Black and ecru stitch offer an impactful look with its starkly contrasting colors. Creating a visually intriguing ensemble, pair your contrast stitch leather watch band with an outfit that has distinct contrasting colors, to reflect the aesthetic of the watch. 

We do want to note that just like any other leather product, your Everest Band can be ruined if they get wet or are exposed to extreme temperatures, so be mindful of that. Over time, the leather will patina to you as an individual, making your singular strap even more one of a kind. 

Attention to quality in the choice of raw materials and at any developmental stage combines with the design for style, materials and colors to give a modern and vintage range of options to create the greatest personal impact. We work with worldwide leading experts in the tanning industry who anticipate market trends and meet diverse needs. In terms of touch, softness, shades and design, Everest Bands offers original, fashionable, and successful collections. Find your custom Everest Band for your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai HERE.

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger