Rolex vs Rolex Voting Results: Which Watches Came Out On Top?

Rolex vs Rolex Voting Results: Which Watches Came Out On Top?

A favorite pastime of Everest is to offer up two of our favorite Rolex models and ask the audience to weigh in on which one they like best. The conversation, banter, and passion is palpable and exciting to witness. Often displayed on Instagram on the @everestbands page, it’s such a fun social experiment to gauge the temperature of the room when it comes to Rolex watches, popularity, and demand. Today we crunched the data on the three most recent Rolex vs Rolex posts and tabulated the data for you here.

rolex battle turquoise blue oyster perpetual vs yellow oyster perpetual1. Battle of the Rolex OPs: Turquoise Blue vs Yellow

In this epic battle, people were fired up about these two choices. Whether someone liked turquoise or yellow, they were quite passionate about it. With over 159k followers on @everestbands Instagram page, posts like this can help you get a pretty good feel for the popular choices when it comes to Rolex. Here are the results: The Turquoise Blue Oyster Perpetual came in first place at 39% while the Yellow Rolex Oyster Perpetual came in second place at 28%. Of course approximately 19% were non-committal (or overly-committal?) because they emphatically chose “Both!” The last 14% was made up of those rebels who chose to say that the Silver, Green, or Coral Red Oyster Perpetuals were the best. Someone had the gall to say “Why not just get the one you want?” which sparked a lot of disdain because...scarcity. We WISH that could be the case, right? What would you vote for? Yellow or Blue?

rolex submariner vs rolex pepsi

2. Battle of the Rolex Submariner Date vs the Rolex Pepsi

At first glance this battle was a literal landslide for the Rolex Pepsi. It was nothing but votes for the Pepsi over and over and over again, until one brave soul decided to vote for the Rolex Sub. After that, the Submariner votes kept on flowing, and it was really dicey there for a minute! It was starting to feel less and less like a landslide. However, people were putting a tiny caveat on their Sub votes, often saying it was the Sub No-Date version they preferred. At the end of the day, here are the results. The Rolex Submariner landed 40% of the votes, with the Pepsi Rolex ending up with 52%. Of course as usual 2% said “both” and this time 6% of the votes were those rebellious type people saying they preferred something entirely different than both of these options. Which one would you rock on your wrist (granted, you could actually get it?)

rolex datejust 41 vs rolex datejust palm fronds

3. Battle of the Rolex Datejust 41 Fluted Bezel vs Rolex Datejust 36 Palm Fronds

Ahh the palm fronds Rolex, such an unusual and polarizing release from Rolex in 2020. The people who love it, REALLY love it and the people who hate it, really hate it. In my opinion the dial is uncomfortably reminiscent of the wallpaper in every seedy south Florida motel bathroom, but maybe that’s the appeal of it. People love it and love to hate it.

So, how did it fare up against the classic Rolex Datejust 41 with blue dial? Again this poll was starting to feel like a complete landslide with the Rolex DJ41 getting every single vote, until the palm fronds peeps started to chime in making the margain significantly smaller by the end. The final votes were the Rolex Datejust 41 earned a slight majority at 53% of the votes, where the Palm Fronds Datejust earned 41% of the votes. For this one, unsurprisingly no one said “Both” and I think that is simply because like I said, the palm fronds dial Rolex is extremely polarizing. However 6% of people felt they should express their disdain for both of these models and offered up a watch they’d rather have, such as a new Submariner or a Rolex Daytona. Variety is the spice of life, right? 

Whether you agree with the winning watch each time or not, we hope you enjoyed the results of these recent Rolex vs Rolex battles. If you want to chime in next time, make sure you follow @everestbands on Instagram and comment on our next Rolex “vs” Rolex battle post. We love to hear your thoughts and engage with other watch lovers on the ‘gram. Join us!

2 rolex submariners on rubber straps

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