The new “palm” dial Datejust 36 comes out at the right time

The new “palm” dial Datejust 36 comes out at the right time

The beginning of 2021 seems like a perfect time to launch an utterly non-traditional take on the classic Datejust. The palm tree motif dial of a modern Datejust, one of Rolex’s most conservative watch models is absolutely silly and makes me smile. After the beat down of 2020, the world needs an Rolex model that feels completely non-sensical.

Palm Datejust dials

Photo by Rolex

I have always enjoyed an odd-dial Rolex. Give me a Domino’s Pizza dial, a “Harley” dial or a “tuxedo” dial model any time. Nothing says “baller” if you can afford to add a silly Rolex into your collection. And nothing says “I don’t take life too seriously” like a Datejust inspired by palm tree leaves.

The modern Datejust could be the perfect one watch collection. It can be worn with work attire and it looks totally appropriate pool side. As your eyes age, the cyclops magnifying lens will have your back. Add in a silly green leaf patterned dial and you’re definitely going to stand out in a crowd.

palm Datejust

Photo by Rolex

The newer 3235 comes with a 72-hour power reserve and a five-year accuracy guarantee. With 100 meters of water resistance, the palm Datejust won’t keep you out of any more rigorous activities. 

One thing is for certain, most watches look a lot different in-person than they do in the renderings. The palm dial is likely a lot more subtle than what the renderings suggest. We’ve heard from some authorized dealers that the demand is strong for the new motif Datejusts. That’s not a surprise given that anything in steel by the crown is going to sell quickly.

Palm Dial Datejust on Oyster

For me the key is to choose the most low-key configuration of the Datejust, which is with a smooth bezel and Oyster bracelet. There’s enough detail in the palm dial so the simpler case and bracelet complements the playful air of this watch. Green, in all of its forms, may be the on-trend dial color in 2021, but the color, in this author’s mind, already reached legendary status with the Kermit and Hulk Submariner models. I realize the palm dial is not the same family of green as those legends, but the point is your chances of the palm dial looking odd in the future are less than owning a red dial Oyster Perpetual.

Datejust watches with odd dials have always been part of this lineup. Think of Patrick Bateman’s two-tone Datejust with tapestry dial. And the linen dial has always had its fans too. If green isn’t your color, then may I suggest the blue fluted dial version unveiled this year. You can still stand out but perhaps you don’t have that Magnum P.I. vibe within you to pull off the palm dial.

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