Rolex Sea-Dweller 43 Rubber Strap

Rolex Sea-Dweller 43 Rubber Strap

The Rolex Sea-Dweller 43 (reference 126600) is a special watch indeed. It marks the 50th anniversary of the Sea-Dweller, and now we have the rubber strap for it.

The distinctive red line of text on the dial, the heroic size and proportions, and powerful 70-hour power reserve 3235 movement—all of this creates a sport watch with major presence. The cyclops magnifier over the date window is somewhat controversial since traditionally the Sea-Dweller line did without the cyclops. But the cyclops does help one see the date, so no negatives in our opinion.

The Everest premium rubber strap for the Sea-Dweller 43 is ithe ideal match for your next adventure. Everest straps are Swiss-made and fit perfectly to the case of your Rolex. With heavier watch Everest straps provide a nice balance on the wrist and many of our customers report all-day comfort.


Rolex Sea-Dweller 43 Rubber Strap

One of the advantages of rubber straps on your sport watches is functionality. If you are swimming with your Sea-Dweller 43, the rubber strap sheds water and keeps your wrist cool on hotter climates. If you bump your wrist, the rubber absorbs the blow and keeps working hard to stay secure on your wrist. And you can preserve your Rolex factory bracelet, sparing it from unnecessary scratches and dings.

This Sea-Dweller is water resistant to 4,000 feet, so you probably won't need to utilize this depth rating, but very cool nevertheless. We love that the ceramic bezel insert markers span the entirety of the ring and, in general, this Sea-Dweller 43 is just super macho flex. It's the ideal watch for people who are taller and bigger or those who simply love an oversized watch, especially a modern Rolex with all of the latest bell and whistles.

Of course, we think the Everest rubber strap is a ideal partner. To purchase yours, head to our page in the store.



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