Rolex Predictions 2022: Why We Think the Current Yacht-Master II Will Be Discontinued

Rolex Predictions 2022 Yacht-Master II Discontinued

We are now less than two weeks away from Watches & Wonders Geneva and everyone is talking about their Rolex predictions for 2022, along with what they hope to see from the brand this year. I always say that whatever Rolex chooses to discontinue is often equally important as the new watches themselves, and my top Rolex prediction for 2022 is that all of the current Yacht-Master II models will be discontinued to make way for a new generation of regatta timers. Let me explain my thinking...

Rolex Predictions 2022 New Yacht-Master II Watches & Wonders Geneva

The Rolex Yacht-Master II Was Never Very Popular

While its movement is truly revolutionary, the Rolex Yacht-Master II was never really all that popular of a watch. You still can’t get one at retail, but the same can be said about virtually every other Rolex model, so although demand does exceed supply, open-market prices aren’t three times their original values, and the Yacht-Master II isn’t nearly as popular as most of its sports watch siblings.

Part of this has to do with the watch’s size and rather niche complication; 44mm is large and a regatta timer doesn’t have quite as many everyday uses as something like a chronograph or GMT hand. However, in addition to its high retail price (a result of being powered by Rolex’s second most complex movement), the bold styling of the Yacht-Master II certainly isn’t for everyone either. Personally, I love the extroverted and borderline ridiculous aesthetic of the full yellow gold Yacht-Master II. However, I must concede that it is the only Rolex model that screams its own name in capital letters along its bezel, and it being rendered in bright blue ceramic does little to downplay that it is quite literally shouting about being the master of yachts.

Rolex Predictions Watches & Wonders 2022 Yacht-Master II Discontinued

No 2022 Price Increase for Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches 

However, far more tangible than my own personal opinions and speculations about the model and its global popularity is the fact that none of the Rolex Yacht-Master II watches saw a price increase at the beginning of 2022. Virtually every single other Rolex model saw its retail price go up at the beginning of the year, yet none of the Yacht-Master II watches saw their prices increase by a single dollar.

The most logical explanation for this would be that the entire line is scheduled to be dropped from the catalog. However, it isn’t likely that Rolex would discontinue the Yacht-Master II altogether, so I have a feeling that we will be seeing a whole new generation of Rolex’s regatta timer at Watches & Wonders Geneva in a couple weeks. Now, as far as what I personally think that new Yacht-Master watch will be, I’ll leave that prediction for a follow up article. 

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*All images courtesy of Rolex.

Rolex Predictions 2022 Watches & Wonders Geneva Yacht-Master II

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