Rolex on leather is a perfect look right now

Rolex on leather is a perfect look right now

It appears that you can’t get a new Rolex with a factory leather strap anymore. Aside from the Cellini line, there have been very few models in the past that did come with a Rolex leather band. We’re not the only ones who think that many of today’s Rolex watches look great on leather.

At Everest we offer leather straps in two distinct styles, one with a metal endlink that attaches to the case and the other is simply a curved leather strap. Both have a perfect fit against your Rolex watch eliminating the gap comes with putting on a strap with straight edge at the case. For us, having a leather strap that looks made for a specific Rolex really classes up the overall look and feel rather than a strap that looks like an add-on instead of integrated.

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During the colder months we quite often wear our watches on leather strap as its texture goes well with sweaters and other heavier fabrics that come with the colder temperatures. As much as we love metal bracelets, very few watch collectors will deny the flat out comfort of a premium leather strap. Ours are known to mold to your specific wrist shape and the overall softness feels great against the skin. While we have enjoyed a trip to Florida, for the most part we aren’t going to be taking a dip in a pool or body of water where we could damage our leather straps. 

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Also, leather straps show off the case shape well and you can really achieve a different look with our range of colors and styles. Calf leather is the most versatile material, but any crocodile strap elevates your Rolex in a way that screams pure class. It may seem like a contradiction to put leather on a dive watch, but we love the juxtaposition of sport watches and upscale leather. Surprisingly, a Submariner with a crocodile strap gets a ton of compliments in our experience.

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Besides the Sub, we love a classic Datejust or Oyster Perpetual on leather. In fact on some vintage Datejust models, the original Jubilee can be stretched to where it feels a bit too loose to wear comfortably. Here’s where an Everest leather strap can really transform the ownership experience. Instead of that too-loose feeling, our fresh leather strap makes everything feel secure yet pliable on the wrist.

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Once you get the hang of how to change your straps, switching from leather to rubber and a return to the OEM bracelet will really allow you to get a lot from your Rolex ownership experience.

Shop our collection of curved-end leather straps for your Datejust here.

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