Leather straps for Rolex watches

Leather straps for Rolex watches

Rolex watches are known for their bracelets, not for being worn on leather straps. Modern bracelets are known for their solid, substantial feel and structural integrity. Older bracelets are known for their looks and comfort in spite of being less solid feeling.

Whether it’s the Oyster, Jubilee or President bracelet, Rolex watches can be identified from afar by their signature bracelet styles, which are often copied. Leather bands may comes standard on Rolex’s dressier Cellini line, but we at Everest are big on giving leather a shot on sportier Rolex watches. 

Leather may sound counterintuitive to watch that is supposed to be used for rugged water sports (Submariner or Sea-Dweller) or mountaineering (Explorer), our leather straps are very robust and mold perfectly the wearer’s wrist shape.

Leather straps for Rolex watches


For anyone wanting to stand in from the crowd in comfort, our leather straps work perfectly for that person. When pool and lake season come around, simply swap to one of our rubber straps, just like you’d swap your footwear based on seasons.

Leather Straps for Rolex Watches

When you swap out your bracelet for a leather strap, you give your watch an entire new look and feel. The right color match can bring out the color or the dial or other details. Black leather on a black dial Submariner finally gives that icon a true office-ready look that reorients the color scheme of the watch. When we tried our brown leather strap on a root beer GMT Master II, the result was stunning.

If you’ve never tried a leather strap on your Rolex sport model, you haven’t felt the difference in weight. An Everest leather strap, which fits perfectly against your Rolex case with no gap, makes for true all-day comfort. You barely notice you have a watch on and the solid built of our buckles makes everything feel really secure too.

Our vegetable-tanned Italian leather also gets better over time, molding the to wearer’s unique wrist shape and gets softer but does not break down. In the meanwhile you are preserving your Rolex bracelet, which does loosen over time and develops that infamous sag that is a factor in the resale market. Even if you never plan on selling your prized Rolex, your bracelet will hold up better with less frequent wear.

We wanted to show you some of our pairings that we think work very well. Even a diver on leather, which some consider blasphemous, turns out to look very sharp. And since when did caring what other people think turn out to be a good way to go through life?

Rolex Submariner 16610

The Everest black leather strap is a great match for the classic Submariner. The black leather softens the overall look and brings out the dial and bezel insert. This is an ideal everyday look that would look great paired with a leather jacket or blazer as well as a simple T-shirt. In fact, this pairing would really be a nice complement to a very casual outfit, lending the wearer a bit of distinction.

Unlike many leather straps intended for Rolex watches, our leather straps are have a perfect fit where the strap meets the case, and we’ve spent a lot of time to ensure that tolerances are as close to what you’d expect from Rolex.

Leather straps for Rolex watches

Rolex GMT Master 16753

Wow is all we could say when we paired our brown leather strap with white stitching to Clint Eastwood’s favorite watch, the Root Beer GMT. The faded bezel insert just clicked with soft brown tone of our strap. This is a pairing that feels like an entirely customized look for the owner. The shape of the case just begs for a look that is very upscale yet rugged. The well-worn, well-loved appearance of this particular watch is why vintage Rolex aficionados loved earned patina.

Leather straps for Rolex watches

Rolex Yacht Master II 116622

One might not think this understated Yacht Master would go well with a leather strap. After all, this is a modern Rolex sports model intended to exude toughness, which is often associated with steel. That said when we replaced the bracelet with a blue leather strap the look really sang to us as the blue dial just popped.

Leather straps for Rolex watches

Customizing your Rolex with a leather strap can really refresh your experience with a watch. Try out different colors. Don’t be afraid to mix brown leather with black dials. Have fun not following the herd.

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