Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic – 116710BLNR | The Prize of 2013 Baselworld

Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic – 116710BLNR | The Prize of 2013 Baselworld

This year, like every year, the public waits intently on what unique but minor change may come to their stable of watches. This year was no different. Rolex uses the Baselworld Trade show in Basel, Switzerland as its way to introduce all of its new models. One in particular has caught the eye of many Rolex Enthusiasts and fans: the new Rolex GMT-Master II – 116710BLNR. The actual model of the 116710 has been in production since 2008 and was the first Rolex model to have a ceramic bezel insert. We at Everest actually did a full article just on the Ceramic insert due to the unique process that it takes to create the Ceramic insert itself.

Rolex GMT Master II Batman

So, what blue the public away this year you ask? The color blue and the color black. You see, Rolex is quite a unique group. Rolex has come up with countless patents for items and then never actually released with the products themselves. This time, they must have known a simple request, a half blue, half black bezel would do the trick with the public. Since the inception of the GMT-Master, it has always come with the option to have a two-colored bezel. The idea was that you could tell if it was day or night just by comparing the bezel insert to the GMT hand. This was the perfect solution for airplane pilots, which the watch was originally intended for. Decades after the original GMT-Master was released, Rolex may have once again perfected perfection. The new blue and black bezel is simply perfect, with its unscratchable surface but also its subtle use of the color blue instead of green. The GMT hand on this model is blue, making a statement that is simple and clean. Instead of overpowering the watch with the color blue, as usual, Rolex knows exactly how to add just the right amount of color. The classic polished center links add a unique “bling” to this sport watch, and the undersized clasp gives the watch a slightly dainty elegence. This was what all of the watch forum guys were hoping for: a throw back to the previous “Pepsi” and “Coke” bezels as before. I suspect Rolex Authorized dealers will once again be getting a premium for these desired timepieces when they arrive at their jeweler counters.


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