Rolex and Racing: Jackie Stewart

Rolex and Racing: Jackie Stewart

Rolex could be considered one of the best watches ever. This statement is debatable, but that being said, most would vote it to be true. Rolex has been the first in so many categories that it would be impossible to list them all. Some almost mind-boggling achievements are: Rolex developed and patented the Rolex Oyster as the first air, dust and waterproof watch, and Rolex introduced the revolutionary Perpetual Movement, a self-winding mechanism that can be found in every automatic watch. These types of technical advancements are what has made Rolex the watch to own for more than 100 years. Rolex also just came out with a way to make a ceramic bezel insert that is two separate colors; no one else in the world is doing this technology! Rolex is always going to the next level on design and technology, but it keeps the gorgeous art deco look that makes the watches Rolexes. 


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So when Rolex backs an athlete, it only backs the best. In the case of Sir Jackie Stewart, Rolex clearly picked the best Formula One racer ever. During his tenure as a Formula one driver, the “flying Scot” won three Drivers’ Championships and countless Formula three and Formula One races. He even almost won the Indianapollis 500 on his first attempt in 1965! He was leading by almost a lap before a mechanical issue took him out of the race. He was not just a champion on the track but also for the safety of his fellow drivers. Jackie Stewart fought for safer race regulations and safer cars themselves. He raced in 99 grand prix races  making him one of the longest lasting Formula One drivers ever. We can all see why Rolex wanted to back such a racing legend like Jackie Stewart. Both Jackie Stewart and Rolex have one thing in common, a goal of excellence. It shows in Rolex’s success in the field of watch making and Mr. Stewart’s incredible achievements in Racing.



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