Rolex 2023 Predictions: Spotlight On The “Destro” GMT Master II 126720VTNR

Rolex 2023 Predictions: Spotlight On The “Destro” GMT Master II 126720VTNR

Rolex surprised us when they released the lefty GMT Master II 126720VTNR last spring. It features a black and green ceramic bezel, a first for the brand, which as enough to get our attention.  But to be fair, adding a new bezel color to the lineup featuring the brand’s signature green hue doesn’t seem that far-fetched.  Rolex has incorporated green into nearly every model in their portfolio.  However, in an unexpected move, the crown and date were moved to the left side of the case, earning the watch the nickname “Destro,” which means “right” in Italian because it is meant to be worn on the right wrist.  The wearer will then use their left hand to unscrew the crown, hence the distinction "left-hand."  While Rolex has experimented with left-hand watches in the past, ref. 126720VTNR is the first time we’ve seen an example of one within the GMT Master II collection.

Rolex GMT Master II 126720VTNR

Photo: Rolex

Compared to the rest of the GMT Master II lineup, ref. 126720VTNR features all the same amenities, including the same caliber 3285 Perpetual movement, but with a slight tweak to the calendar mechanism.  The biggest difference is, of course, the left-hand configuration of the crown and date.  It also sports a striking green GMT hand to match the new bezel colorway.  Die-hard GMT enthusiasts will also be pleased to learn that the watch is available on both bracelet options: Oyster and Jubilee.

Rolex 2023 Prediction

But what about this year, you ask?  Dare we speculate that Rolex is already adding new metal finishes or bezel colors to the lineup?  That’s usually the natural direction for Rolex when updating a newer model.  Everest founder Michael has speculated year after year that we could soon see the return of the Coke bezel. Could Rolex surprise us once again by adding the red and black bezel to the lefty GMT?  Perhaps not, but it would create a lot of buzz, that’s for sure.  Although a new bezel color would make more sense than adding two-tone or all-gold variations to the Destro lineup.

New Rolex 126720 Variations?

That brings us to another interesting speculation.  The black and green bezel – which has already earned its own soda-inspired nickname, “Sprite” – is brand-new to the Rolex portfolio.  Could the Big Crown expand the colorway to the rest of the GMT Master II lineup this spring?  Will we soon see a Sprite bezel ref. 126710?  It’s certainly possible.  It isn’t unusual for Rolex to debut new design features on a less sought-after model before rolling it out to the rest of the catalog.  For example, the first Pepsi bezel in ceramic was released on the white gold model first, followed a few years later by the stainless steel model.

Photo: Rolex

There’s already chatter in many watch collecting circles among right-handed collectors who have inquired with their ADs about purchasing the Destro simply because they like the black and green bezel color.  With that in mind, adding the Sprite bezel to other GMT offerings makes a lot of sense.  Will we see it in 2023, though?  That’s the big question.

Bezel color aside, right-handed collectors also find the Destro appealing because they can comfortably wear the crown on the side of the case facing away from the wrist.  Serena Williams famously owns a left-hand Audemars Piguet for that exact reason, to prevent the crown from digging into her wrist while still allowing her to wear the watch on her left wrist.  Of course, the uniqueness of the watch itself also adds to its collectability, especially when you consider that only a small percentage of the population are southpaws, and the overall market for the Destro is nowhere near that of the right-hand GMT Master II.  Still, I’ve made some interesting arguments for a possible 2023 update to the trailblazing left-hand GMT Master II ref. 126720VTNR.  What are your thoughts?

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