Rolex 2023 Predictions: Rolex GMT Master II COKE - It Is Finally Gonna Happen...Maybe

Rolex 2023 Predictions: Rolex GMT Master II COKE - It Is Finally Gonna Happen...Maybe

Every year, for quite a few years - I make the prediction that Rolex is going to come out with a Coke GMT Master II. The last few years, my success rate on predictions related to this model has been abysmal, however I am feeling good about it in 2023! So let’s dig into why I think I am right this year.

Hodinkee Rolex GMT Master II Left Hand

Image from Hodinkee article about Watches and Wonders Release

Rolex hit us all with a green and black GMT Master left handed watch last year

First, they came out with a half green, half black bezel left handed GMT Master II. I know that I cannot be the only one who was scratching his head when this happened. I am not trying to make fun of this watch, but it's kinda easy to. It really wasn’t on anyone’s vision board and to go a little farther, I am not sure why it was on Rolex’s. Jokes aside, it was a majorly bold move for the crown and for that I have to tip my hat to them. 

Everyone wants this watch!

Second, literally everyone wants this. That is right, everyone. As much as you think Rolex is ignoring the masses, you're wrong. They are the most successful watch brand in the world, if not the most successful brand period. They did not get there by ignoring what the people wanted. They got to this level of success from careful planning and listening to the masses. The masses want this color combo and eventually they will make it. 

Rolex GMT Master Pepsi On Rubber Watch Band

The Bi-Color Pepsi is five years old, and in Rolex language that means death

Lastly, the Pepsi bi-color GMT has had a long run, at least in Rolex’s eyes. The Pepsi GMT was introduced in 2018, so it has been five years since its inception. With that being said, Rolex is likely to make some moves, for example when they dropped the BLNR out of nowhere. What would fill that void? You guessed it… the COKE VERSION! Rolex is notorious for making changes to this model lineup and making it seem like no big deal. They dropped the all black version in 2018, and pretty much no one saw that coming. Last year they added the oyster bracelet to this model and no one saw that coming. The half green, half black left handed version no one… you get it. So, expect the unexpected with the GMT Master from Rolex.

In conclusion, you take the fact that they did a crazy green and black GMT, everyone wants this combo, and the Pepsi version has had some time on the shelves… it is very likely this guy finds its way to your local Rolex AD in the spring. Also, if Rolex is reading this - we love you so very much! This has been on our vision board for quite some time (202020212022 predictions of this model). It would be great that we called this model color reference release in 2023 and it actually happens. 

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