Overlooked Rolex Models

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With so many Rolex models out there, it is no doubt there are a few that get overlooked. Here are three Rolex models that deserve some attention:

1. Rolex Air King Ref. 116900

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The Air King 116900 is not your typical Rolex model, but it is sure to stand out among the other classic models. This specific model was first released in 2016. The minute markers on this model go from 5 to 55 in numerics around the dial. The 116900 has larger hour markers for the three, six and nine hours. This model uses the same caliber and antimagnetic case as the Milgauss. While some of the classic Rolex collectors might not have an eye for this model, it is great for those looking for a Rolex model that is different from the rest. You can shop Everest Bands for this model here.

2. Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph Ref. 116264
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We know that the Submariner is known for its rotating bezel, but before the Submariner, there was the Turn-O-Graph. The Turn-O-Graph was first released in 1953 as ref. 6202, being the first Rolex model to have a rotating bezel. The ref. 116264 that we are looking at here was released in the early 2000s. This model is a datejust style with a rotating bezel which truly makes it unique. The bezel is a fluted white gold with a steel case. This model is great for those who want the function of a rotating bezel but the classic look of the datejust. 

3. Rolex Explorer I 214270 
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The Rolex Explorer I 214270 gets overlooked because of the other explorer models in the collection. This model might be more simple than the others, but it is still up to Rolex standards. Unlike its earlier models which have a 36mm case, the 214270 has a slightly bigger 39mm case. This model has a classic and stylish look with its black dial and steel case. It has up to 100 meters of water resistance with its twinlock crown. This model is a simplistic beauty. Check out Everest watch bands for this model here

These beautiful, classic Rolexes may sometimes be overlooked, but we wanted to give them a shout out.      

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