Omega’s Moonshot Landed the Speedmaster Among the Stars

Omega’s Moonshot Landed the Speedmaster Among the Stars

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is often one of the first watches newbies add to their collection. In fact, it’s a watch that can catapult a casual collector into a full blown watch geek. The historical significance, the throwback Hesalite crystal, the impeccably placed dot over 90 on the tachymeter, the playful association with Snoopy: there’s a lot to love about the Speedy. On the occasion of the new 2021 Omega Moonwatch, it’s good to remember what we love about this iconic watch. 

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Has Killer Good Looks

It’s hard to mess with perfection, and the Speedy has it in spades. We prefer the white-on-black reference as a throwback to the original Moonwatch. On the 2021 Speedmaster, Omega has resurrected a sexy-stepped dial with a gorgeous chunky crystal. The Speedmaster boasts a solid case size at 42mm, but it’s a Goldilocks-style watch that seems to morph to fit almost everyone. It looks great on smaller wrists but still packs a punch on a larger wrist size. Everyone loves a Speedy, and almost everyone looks great wearing one. 

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The Omega Speedmaster Professional is Built for Collectors

Omega knows what collectors want, and it gives us everything we’re looking for when we drop 5k on a tool watch. Brand new Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3871 with a 50 hour power reserve? Check. Our choice of Hesalite or Sapphire crystal? Check. An exhibition caseback to watch that gorgeous new movement in action? Check. Engraved reminders of the historical significance of our timepiece? Check and double check. Every detail of the Speedy is made for people who love watches, and for that, we’re grateful. 

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Made it to the Moon

Collectors have varying opinions on this aspect of the Speedmaster. Do you care that one of the first iterations of your watch went to the moon? Of course you do. Why? Because it's cool. Even if the closest your watch has been to the moon is flying 38,000 feet above sea level on a commercial flight to Cabo, there's something great about knowing it could handle a cosmic detour. Just if by chance your Boeing 777 is actually an incognito space shuttle and unexpectedly launches into space, it’s good to know that your watch could, you know, handle it. Sure, you personally wouldn’t have enough oxygen available to stay conscious, but your watch's crystal wouldn’t shatter into a thousand dangerous shards of glass. There's something downright reassuring about that. Some people think Omega has been riding on the moon landing for far too long. We couldn’t disagree more. When you’re the first to do something incredible, you’re allowed to gloat, even for 50+ years. 

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The Omega Speedmaster Professional Is a Gateway Watch 

Everyone’s first few watch buys are different, but they usually follow a similar pattern. Maybe yours went something like this: Seiko, Tudor, Omega, Rolex. Whether you move into Vacherons and Pateks is largely determined by your bank account, but nearly every watch collector owns or has owned a Speedy. If you’re a Speedy addict with several different references, use our Everest Bands watch portfolio to display them with pride. And long live the Omega Speedmaster Professional, making celestial beauty and engineering accessible, even to us Earthlings.

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Written by: Meghan Clark

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