Omega’s Gone to the Moon, but Rolex Takes Materials from Space

Omega’s Gone to the Moon, but Rolex Takes Materials from Space

As absurd as it sounds, there is a 18 ct white gold Rolex GMT Master-II available with a dial made from material that fell from space. According to Rolex its meteor dial “comes from the heart of an asteroid or possibly even a planet that has exploded, propelling material across the Solar System until chance brings it into our planet’s orbit and gravity pulls it to Earth. During its journey, the centre of the meteorite is gradually transformed, producing highly unusual metallic patterns, resulting from the very slow cooling of molten asteroid cores.”

The resulting look is spectacular. The current model available retails for $39,900, which, in the world of Rolex flexing, may be a bargain if being unique is what you covet in your watch collection. It’s a tool watch gone upscale to the max.

Omega’s Gone to the Moon, but Rolex Takes Materials from Space

Photograph courtesy of Rolex

But in spite of the folklore surrounding the meteor dial created by Rolex, Gear Patrol dug into the issue and discovered that meteorites are not rare at all, and fragments can be found on eBay. It’s used in small quantities by watch manufacturers for thin dials, so it’s not like there is worldwide shortage being caused by the watch industry.

Omega’s Gone to the Moon, but Rolex Takes Materials from Space

Photo courtesy of Bob’s Watches

Even so, the way they explain it, the meteor dial is still pretty cool because “The crystalline structures require special conditions to grow in this particular way — specifically, cooling at a very slow pace over millions of years. While people can certainly fake or imitate the look, the actual process cannot be artificially reproduced in a laboratory due to the time requirement.”

The 2019 Baselworld release of the meteor dial GMT-Master II showed that models with tool watch origins can be dramatically designed to look extra prestigious. White gold sport watches already possess an understated glamour, which a shine and heft that is quite noticeably higher than its steel counterparts. The crazy textured dial elevates this feel even more.

rolex gmt

Photo courtesy of Hodinkee

According to A Blog to Watch, current Rolex offerings with meteorite dials include the Day-Date 40, the Pearlmaster 34 and, surprisingly, the Datejust 31 in steel with an 18k white gold bezel. The GMT-II version features a striking juxtaposition of preciousness and ruggedness. It’s 100 percent an add-on detail that lets people in the room know the wearer has something really special even if the observers don’t know much about watches.

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