“Never Remove Your Rolex Bracelet:” A Common Myth Debunked

“Never Remove Your Rolex Bracelet:” A Common Myth Debunked

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When you first started collecting watches, you were probably committed to keeping your Rolex in mint condition. When asked, you could probably point to every single one of your nicks and describe exactly how you got it, what you were doing, who you were with, and what the weather was at the time of the injury. Although this type of fastidiousness is to be expected, especially with your first few watch purchases, over time you grow more interested in making the watch yours. 

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As you’ve expanded your collection, you’ve probably considered switching the strap on your Rolex. Maybe you’re inspired by a few wrist shots on IG or Rolexforums.com. An all-metal bracelet is a classic look, but especially as we move into summer, you may be considering a rubber or fabric strap. Changing out your strap can really change the look of your watch, increase the comfort ten fold, and summer is the perfect time to try something new. Let’s dispel two common myths that may keep watch collectors from swapping the spring bars on their Rolex and switching up their look. 

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What if I lose or damage my Rolex bracelet?

To be honest, the safest place for your Rolex bracelet is off your Rolex and stored in a watch roll or watch portfolio. When you’re wearing your bracelet, nicks and dings are inevitable, but very little can damage a bracelet that’s safely resting on a cream velour cushion. If you don’t yet have a watch roll or portfolio, have no fear; all Everest Bands are all shipped in a sturdy, reusable thick plastic strap storage sleeve with a secure closure. Many customers love to store their bracelet within its individual, scratch-proof pockets, and the links remain attached and unchanged from its condition - whether your bracelet is scratch free or full of scratched memories. 

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Swapping out your bracelet and keeping it in storage is the best way to preserve the factory-finish quality on those gorgeous links. Storing your Rolex bracelet can serve two purposes. First, it can keep your watch bracelet in mint condition. You can then choose to attach the bracelet for special occasions and it will retain just as much visual impact as the day you bought it. Storing the bracelet also keeps it safe for resale or for passing down to an heir. While nicks and dings bring character, you can preserve the value of your watch by removing the bracelet for daily wear. Then, when you choose to sell or pass down your watch, the watch’s value and aesthetics are preserved for years to come. 

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What if an aftermarket strap doesn’t fit my watch correctly?

We won’t lie to you: with cheaper aftermarket straps for Rolexes, this can definitely be an issue. Every luxury watch is different, and even a minute change to lug width or case diameter can change the entire profile of a watch. 

If you’re planning on buying an aftermarket strap, the best choice you can make is to purchase a strap that is custom-designed to fit your specific watch. When Rolex first introduced the Oysterflex® bracelet, it showed just how essential a bespoke fit is to the overall impact and aesthetic of the watch. Rolex does not just put a Yachtmaster II Oysterflex® bracelet on a Sky-Dweller. Instead, each elastomer band is carefully molded to fit the watch it’s designed for. 

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Although not affiliated with Rolex, since our first day in business, Everest Bands has been committed to and intentional about designing rubber straps that fit specific luxury watch models. We are obsessed with a perfect case connection and the exact angle of curvature on the wrist. We will not make a strap for any Rolex that we have not personally handled, measured, and meticulously designed around. After all we are watch collectors ourselves.

So will it fit your wrist? Yes-Everest watch bands will fit your wrist perfectly! The rubber tang buckle style is offered in a standard and short length with nine holes. Or, you can choose the exact combination of your Rolex oyster bracelet. The deployant watch band is offered in 4 link, 5 link and 6 link combinations. You can see more about sizing Everest’s watch band perfectly to your wrist here. The size and design of the spring bars included with your Everest Band are designed to exactness to easily install the watch strap. There is a video here that shows you have to install the watch strap yourself, or you can take your Everest Band and Rolex watch to a dealer.Collectors choose Swiss watch makers because of their attention to detail, and our products showcase that obsession with perfection. 

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Everest Bands: An Aftermarket Rubber Strap For Your Rolex With No Equal     

Is this the summer you switch up your strap? If you’re ready to experiment, our intentionally designed watch straps are a great place to start. If you love the look of luxury watches paired with a matte rubber watch strap, consider purchasing a five-star rated rubber Everest Bands watch strap. People tell us all of the time that once they experience a rubber strap on their wrist, they will never go back to bracelet. Preserve your bracelet, experience premiere comfort, and highlight the beauty of your Rolex all at the same time. 

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