Mark Wahlberg and His Love for Rolex

Mark Wahlberg and His Love for Rolex

If you did not know, Mark Wahlberg is a huge Rolex fan. One may even say that he is slightly obsessed. He has been seen with his $25,000 Rolex showing up to Jimmy Kimmel earlier in 2013, which was a 50th aniversary yellow gold Rolex GMT II ceramic with a green face. He has even been spotted with a customized Project X Rolex. It is common for many celebrities to be infatuated with the Rolex Crown, but we would say that Mr. Wahlberg has caught the Rolex bug like the staff here at Everest. This guy love his Rolex watches and we love his movies.

Mark Wahlberg Rolex 

No doubt Marky Mark has had an amazing career. From the beginning with New Kids on the Block, to being a top model like (who could forget his infamous Calvin Klein underwear advertisement?), to his hit movies, to even directing and producing. He has done it all. We had trouble finding him wearing a Rolex in some of his hit movies. That being said, while out on the town, the paparazzi have caught Mark wearing all sorts of gorgeous watches, but clearly Rolex must be his first love? Right?

mark Wahlberg Rolex 

He has been in movies the Italian Job, Planet of the Apes, The Departed, Shooter, Date Night, Ted and Pain and Gain recently. He’s been in even more that we haven’t named. He is even set to be in Transformers 4 coming in 2014. Mark Wahlberg is a wanted man in Hollywood, and we suspect he wears his collection of Rolexes to all of his meetings. One particular show Mark has produced, that we at Everest love, is the HBO hit Entourage. It is said to mirror Mark Wahlberg’s life and career and many of the characters even wear Rolexes. We salute Mark Wahlberg on his amazing career, his style and his love of all things Rolex.

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