Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather – A Watch Strap Worthy of a Rolex Crown

Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather – A Watch Strap Worthy of a Rolex Crown

The people who are reading this own a particular watch, rich with history and tradition, a Rolex watch. Of course, many Rolex watch owners wear it because it looks stately and gives the time with reliable accuracy, but more because they have an affinity to the watch. They have a faithfulness of an elite group. Rolex said it best recently in a group of advertisements “it doesn’t just tell time, it tells history.” Successful people can own any number of fine Swiss timepieces; many have one Rolex some have countless. A faithful Rolex owner would just as soon eat glass before handing over his watch. So when it comes to a fine leather strap, why settle? This is why when it comes to fine leathers, Everest Horology Products has only chosen vegetable tanned leather hides, made in Italy by the finest tanneries. These Italian leather artisans dating back more than 200 years are simply the best in the world. These time honored secrets are passed down from generation to generation that transform hides using mythical methods combining old world tradition with a little modern day technology.

This is about the right strap for the right watch. An Italian vegetable tanned watch strap gives an immediate appeal of elegance and quality. This supple leather provides the wearer with a health benefit since it is made using almost no chemicals there is very little chance on an allergic reaction. One of the only downsides though is that it takes quite awhile for this material to be produced due to the painstaking steps to create it.

The process starts with using exceptional animal hides and an active ingredient called tannins, known for their antioxidants. Hides are not from animals that were killed specifically for tanning; these are hides from animals already harvested for sole consumption of meat products. Tannins are a natural compound found in various plants, mainly from the Chestnut or the Quebracho tree from the Argentina region. It takes an average of 40 days from start to finish to produce a fine vegetable tanned leather product. The result is nothing short of a luxurious leather product.

From there, it takes another journey involving a leather craftsman several weeks to turn it into a beautiful watch strap worthy of the Rolex it’s attached to. The craftsmanship is slow and methodical just as it was centuries ago. One of the reasons why these straps look so beautiful is over time it absorbs the proteins of the person wearing it and will add to the unique look that is unmistakable quality. After all, this isn’t just another strap of leather, this is a watch strap of impeccable time honored quality and tradition. To get a first hand look at watch bands that were made using this old world tradition please visit and find a strap worthy of your watch.

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