Is the Rolex Submariner Getting a Major Update in 2020?!

rolex sunbmariner predictions

Over the last three years, Rolex has been teasing us all with each collection getting an update except the Submariner. (HERE was our last prediction.) However, in 2020 things are about to have a big change...huge actually! We have dug through the rumor mill, called all of our friends who work at Rolex Authorized Dealers and found some great information for all of our Rolex enthusiasts. 

We do want to clarify that we are in no way part of Rolex. We are just enthusiasts that make killer straps and accessories for watch owners. This article is an educated hypothesis and speculation with a few screen grabs mixed in that we feel are accurate. Now, let's take a moment and compile everything for you guys!! Remember you saw it all first on the Everest Journal, let's dive into the deep blue...Submariner. (BTW we don’t believe there to be a Blue variant sad.)

Secret picture of 2020 Rolex submariner release

First, this is a big change, but we have a strong belief that the Rolex Submariner will be increasing to 41mm! That is a gigantic piece of information. Why? Because the Rolex Submariner has set the standard of dive watches in size and dimensions for almost seventy years. Originally, a 39mm wide watch, and then moving to a 40mm wide watch in 1959 with the 5512 reference. So, for sixty years the most iconic watch in the world has been 40mm wide, up until September 1, 2020.

The next big change is the lugs look to have gotten significantly thinner. This design change was expected since the release of the Sea-Dweller 43mm back in 2017. The most recent GMT-Master updates included a thinner lug and Submariner experts have been predicting this to be a change when the model received the update.

Rolex Submariner 126610LV prediction

Another, large change is the loss of the Hulk to the lineup. For about a year this has been expected. The watch is simply beautiful but with dealers getting less and less of them, it was a sign that the green God was to pass. However, the leaked photos that we have, show a new model that resembles the 16610LV that is the predecessor of the Hulk. The Kermit as it is known, has an aluminum bezel that is painted with a beautiful green metallic shimmer. It looks like Rolex has brought back the black dial and green bezel combination.

Time to take a moment and look under the hood of the Rolex Submariner. The Submariner for the last thirty years has been ticking with the 3135 calibre as its heart. In the last few years Rolex released the 3235 calibre and has been using this as its baseline movement in all of the time and date watches. We believe this new movement will be used in all of the 2020 Submariners.

Rolex 126610 Submariner prediction

Some other noted items that we have heard, but cannot verify is that the text at the bottom of the dial should say “Swiss ♛ Made” - which we can almost 100% verify with this change being made on all Rolex watches across the board. Also, we believe the Reference number for the new sub will be the 126610. What we do not think will change is the Glidelock bracelet or the lug width to a larger amount than 20mm. Also, it is unlikely they will change the Maxi-dial and handset that evolved on the Submariner 116610 reference. 

Some other predictions out there that seem to have merit? These predictions include a no-date black submariner (also 41mm), a 2-tone rose gold and stainless steel Sea-Dweller, and possibly a Sky-Dweller on Oysterflex! Lastly we heard that Rolex will be implementing a price increase--but hey, that’s OK because it will only bring up the value of our current Rolexes, right?

So, grab your popcorn and keep your phone tuned to Rolex’s Instagram (and the Everest Journal as well) page to see what will be coming on September 1, 2020. What do you hope to see? Tell us in the comments!

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