"I have 10K, and I want a brand new Rolex today" How To Find It?

Obviously, there is a lot of discussion about a shortage of Rolex watches. The term from an Economic standpoint, is a condition where the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied at the market price. For sure that is happening with Rolex watches. You cannot find a Rolex for the sales price offered at your local Rolex dealer right now. We have pondered why this is happening (Grey market, COVID, social media, supply chain issues, etc.) but that is not what this article is about. It is about if you had 10K and wanted a brand new Rolex, how could you get it today and what could you get?

Let us start with the classic line of “purchase the buyer not the watch.” I have always been willing to purchase my Rolex watches at Authorized Rolex Dealers, AD’s for short. I do not mind the wait list, because I have built a relationship with my ADs through years of purchase history and friendship. I also do not sell my Rolex watches, ever (which if you want to stay off the naughty list, is best practice). I have from time to time purchased a used Rolex from a Grey Dealer. When I did, I only bought from a Grey Dealer with an incredible reputation. Because of that, I have never been burned but I have always paid a smidge more than say if I bought it from a seller just selling their Rolex on a forum. 

For the purpose of this article we are only going to talk about Rolex watches that are from dealers that I would trust. Second basic requirement is that we are only going to look at watches that are no smaller than 36mm. I am sharing something that I would personally buy for myself, and anything under 36mm just doesn’t suit my style and size preferences. So, first off we dig into the ever popular new in 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetual. 

I, like many of you, have been enamored with the light blue dial version of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. However, this watch is unattainable for less than $17,000 (do not even waste your time asking for it at the local AD). Instead, you could purchase the silver dial version from Watch Limit right now for $9645.00. This watch is super cool and in my honest opinion is the second best of the OP group. I love the use of gold on the hands and indices. For me it could be a shared watch with my spouse, and it has an uber Rolexy vibe. I have spent a lot of time with a 41mm Datejust lately, and I loved the way it felt on my wrist. The watch retails for $5900.00 plus tax, so you are paying a premium of about $3700.00, but that is life right now. 

The next watch I would drop my hard earned $10K on is a Rolex Air-King. I was able to find a NIB (New In Box) one for $9895.00 from Kara’s Watches. This dealer has a good reputation on Chrono24.com and I would feel confident that I would get a fair deal. Looking at the watch itself, I think a 40mm wide case, unique dial layout for Rolex and a green seconds hand had me all at hello! I would not pass up this watch for just over $3400 of the list price of $6450.00. One other benefit is that we make the perfect rubber strap to go with this sports watch!

Last but not least, I would say the best deal of all of them is a Datejust 41. I am currently in love with the 41mm Datejust. The feel on my wrist is great. The fact that it has a date makes it in my honest opinion better from a value perspective than the Oyster Perpetual, and the version I found has a blue dial (which is super boss level). I frankly may scoop this up, since getting a Rolex Datejust at an AD is just not realistic due to the pandemic/shortage. The biggest benefit I can find is that it is only $2345.00 over the list price of $7650.00. The downside to this listing is the watch does not come with a box. Some would say that is a pretty big negative, but most of my boxes are sitting in my closet collecting dust. I wear watches, not watch boxes.

In conclusion, a new Rolex can be found for less than 10K. It may take a few clicks of a mouse to find it, but it is out there. A little digging can get you a brand new Rolex, you get to skip the wait list, but you are going to have to pay a bit of a premium these days. I guess the term “shortage” does correctly define the Rolex watch market today. We hope that you enjoy our articles and if you are looking for the perfect watch pouch for your new Rolex, check out the leather version of ours! It is simply perfect for you.

cover image from Time and Tide

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