I Got a New Watch and I’m... NOT IN LOVE

I Got a New Watch and I’m... NOT IN LOVE

Well guys, I did a thing! I bought my first new watch of the year (finally, in August). I’m supposed to be in new watch bliss right? Shouldn’t I be obsessed over this new thing on my wrist? I’m supposed to scream on the rooftops how in love with it I am, right? Afterall, these are the feelings that I’ve had with every other new watch, so of course this one must be giving me butterflies!

A little bit of history…

Needless to say, I love a GMT complication (I even wrote about why here). I’ve been looking into one for a while now, but never overly serious about it and was in no rush. A few years ago, an older OMEGA Seamaster crossed my path and it’s been a watch that I have thought about quite a bit over the years. This Seamaster (reference 2534.50) was produced in 1997 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seamaster collection. It had so much that I love in a watch! Dive Watch check. Sporty Bracelet check. Neutral Colored Bezel check. This watch literally checked all my boxes. But again, I wasn’t really in a rush to get one so for years, it would just occasionally cross my mind, only for me to get distracted by something else.

omega seamaster gmt


Last summer, a friend of mine sent this exact watch to me so that I could spend some time with it. We had a month together, and in those short thirty days, we had fallen in love. He was everything that I wanted in a wrist watch and I finally got to utilize a watch with GMT functionality. When he had to go home, I was sad and just couldn’t get him off my mind. Sometimes love hits hard, but maybe what they say is true and it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And yes, I understand that maybe I’m a little dramatic.

The new watch...

Fast forward a year later and I had the opportunity to purchase this Seamaster from a different friend. And best yet, I got a steal on it. Of course I had to do it! This was the universe telling me that we were meant to be. A quick Venmo transfer and a drive down the road later, and this watch was mine! I got home, pulled the Seamaster out of the box, and just felt “okay” about it. Those feelings were easy to dismiss. After all, the bracelet was too big so I assumed once I took it in the next day for sizing that things would be okay. I’m sure you can imagine the disappointment of being wrong. This has never happened before. Given, I’ve only been seriously collecting for about four years or so, but I’ve never not been head over heels in love with a new watch. Am I overthinking, probably. But I just can’t shake this disappointment, and it’s frustrating.

omega seamaster on wrist


So here’s where I’m at. I love the brand, and I like the watch...it’s not like I hate it or anything. It’s okay, we just aren't quite connecting. I gave it two solid weeks of wrist wear and my feelings stayed about the same. But here’s my thought process: I never really worry about “buyer’s remorse”, but “seller’s remorse” is a real thing that I see a lot in the collecting community. And I want no part of it. So I worry that after I sell it, I’ll miss it. Add in the fact that I got it at a steal and will never get a replacement at that cost, and I’m even more hesitant to get rid of it. 

Instead of making a rush decision, we’re going to try and work things out. Since therapy isn’t quite an option when it comes to working on your relationship with watches, I’m going to do the next best thing - a strap change! Of course, for a dive watch, we definitely need a rubber strap to pair along with it. I’m not sure how long this little experiment will last, but I feel like I owe it to myself. So reader, I want to hear from you...has this happened with a new watch you’ve purchased? And if so, what did you do? How long did you give it? (clearly I have questions

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By: K. Wells

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