How to Use a Yacht-Master II

How to Use a Yacht-Master II

One of the more intricate Rolex models is the Yacht-Master II. We’ve been taking a closer look at how to set your Rolex as well as read the details on your dials to better understand your Rolex watch. Whether you want to understand the material it is made of or the story it has to tell, check out our more recent blog article releases here. But anyways, back to the Yacht-Master II. Let’s take a look. 

The first thing to know is that you still set the time using the second position as we discuss here. The seconds hand is the small dial right above the 6 o'clock marker (with the 20, 30, 40 etc). In the below image, it's blue. But, that can change dependent on the material you choose for your Yacht-Master II. But, we're going to take a closer look at the intricate dial of the Yacht-Master II and its uses. 

how to use a yacht-master Ii

If this is the first time you have taken a closer look at the Yacht-Master II, you may be a bit overwhelmed. The Yacht-Master II is the first model to offer a Regatta Chronograph, which is a timing feature for Regatta timing or a Regatta sailing event which includes a 10-minute countdown. The Yacht-Master II allows different countdown timers for 0 - 10 minutes, which can be used anytime in normal life if you need to time something for 10 minutes. 

 To use the programmable Regatta countdown, rotate the bezel to position two until it clicks at about 1 o’clock. After, push down the bottom pusher to set the bezel. At this point, you will unscrew the water-tight crown and start rotating it clockwise. It will jump to every minute. Let’s say we are going to set it at 8 minutes. Screw down the water-tight crown, and then, rotate the bezel back to its original position, which will cause the bottom pusher to pop back up into place. 

how to use a yacht master ii

Press the top pusher to begin the timer. As the seconds hand moves clockwise, you will see the red arrow move to the next number (7 minutes in our example). To stop the timer, simply press the top pusher again. If you want to reset your timer to what you previously set it at (8 minutes), simply press the bottom pusher. Because the Regatta chronograph has a mechanical memory, by resetting the time with the bottom pusher, the triangle hand will return to the last minute it was initially set at before the countdown begins. This Rolex watch is the first watch to offer a bezel that is directly built into the movement - an innovation in Rolex design. 

So, that’s a quick guide through a Yacht-Master II dial reading and use of the Regatta Chronograph. The Yacht-Master II bezel can have endless applications in everyday life as well - you don’t have to just be a sailor. Intricate in design but simple to use, is just what makes this such a work of art and perfection.

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