Great Cartier Watches for Men

Great Cartier Watches for Men

Women love Cartier. Its LOVE Bracelet is an icon. Vice President Kamala Harris wears a Ballon Bleu.

And if you are sick of waiting for a Rolex steel sport model to be available for sale at retail from an authorized dealer, we urge you to check out all the bold, masculine watches available from Cartier for men. 

If you consider yourself a watch enthusiast, don’t fret, Cartier has a storied tradition in watchmaking.

According to Crown & Caliber: "By the turn of the 20th century, Cartier made one of its most significant creations to date. In 1903, they designed their first men’s wristwatch. Cartier created the timepiece specifically with the needs of pilots in mind. The idea was inspired by his close friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, a pioneer in aviation for whom the watch is named. The distinctive timepiece featured a flat shape and a square bezel, and it became known as the Santos."

Cartier Dive Watch

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Cartier’s Dive Watch

With Roman numerals and multi-date display, the Cartier Calibre Diver W7100056 does not scream tool watch, and that’s its best attribute. It’s a blend of rugged and luxury that allows it to not be categorized so easily.

The case size is 42mm wide and fitted to its rubber strap, there is no mistaking this model as one that is intended for action. Priced at $7,900 with an in-house movement, the Calibre Diver is a solid choice for a gentleman who wants to stand out.

Cartier Santos ADLC All Black

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The Cartier Santos De Cartier In All Black

A blacked out Cartier is the ultimate watch for a man with a rugged exterior but a softer, more sensitive soul. Its ADLC black coating is extremely resistant to wear and like all blacked out watches, and if a few wear marks emerge it will enrich the look over time. If you are not convinced, Google “karl lagerfeld audemars piguet.”

The Santos lineup is already strong and this addition of an all black version really plays with the seemingly conflicting elements of refinement and boldness. This watch comes with quick-change straps, rubber and leather, so the owner can really switch up the identity of his watch. Priced at $7,650, this particular Santos model is a strong contender in the everyday steel sports watch category.

The 39.8 mm case size in a square shape makes for a watch with plenty of wrist presence. No one will think you are wearing a dainty watch by any means.

Cartier Drive Extra Flat

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The Drive de Cartier Extra Flat

At 39 mm, manual wound, no-date, and 6.6 mm thick, the Drive de Cartier Extra Flat is a stunner. It’s clean design is unmistakably Cartier and the blue crocodile strap just adds a playful flair to a conservative design.

Priced at $5,850, this watch features a sunburst dial and blue hands and is an excellent watch for a man who needs a companion for the workday.

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