Good As Gold: The 2021 Green Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K

Good As Gold: The 2021 Green Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K

tudor black bay 58 green and gold

Image courtesy of Tudor 

It can be tough to be in love with Tudor. When they’re on fire, they’re unstoppable, releasing new references that we can’t wait to get our hands on. But they’re also not afraid to be experimental, so we can end up with releases like the P01. Tudor’s penchant for the unexpected had us eagerly awaiting the new releases at Watches & Wonders 2021. (Although some design choices were definitely unconventional, we’re generally pleased with Tudor’s offerings.) Here’s an in-depth look at some of the newest watches from Tudor in 2021. 

Leading up to the reveal at Watches & Wonders 2021, collectors speculated that Tudor might unveil a Black Bay 58 with a new dial color, possibly in green. They definitely weren’t wrong, but what collectors didn’t expect was the inclusion of precious metals in Tudor’s BB58 line. 2021 brings us a brushed gold Tudor Black Bay 58 with a camo-green dial. 

Tudor is known for sourcing high-end tool watches at a fraction of the price of other luxury brands, so veering into precious metal territory was somewhat unexpected. However, since their brand revitalization in 2015, they’ve steadily gained a strong market share, with the BB58 being the crown jewel in the collection. It’s a watch with incredibly wide appeal, and nearly every serious collector has at least one in their stable. Tudor may be testing the market here to see what it can bear. BB58 has hardly waned since its debut, so it makes sense to see if loyal collectors will follow Tudor into precious metal territory.

brushed gold edge of tudor bb58

In addition to the unconventionality of a gold Tudor, the 2021 Black Bay 58 18K has a brushed gold finish, a technique that makes the watch case resemble bronze. With the green dial, it’s a kissing cousin to Tudor’s Black Bay Bronze in Khaki Green. On the one hand, we understand why Tudor chose a matte finish for its gold watch. Glossy yellow gold has a completely different aesthetic, arguably one that doesn't quite mesh with the rest of Tudor’s lineup. On the other hand, if you go to the trouble of dropping 17k on a solid gold Tudor, you might not want someone to mistake it for bronze or brass, especially from a distance.

tudor bb58 18k gold and green

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As with all Tudors, the attention to detail here is stellar. Gold detailing on the hands and indices shimmers, highlighting the outline of Tudor’s trademark snowflake hand. The lume is solid and strong. The 18k gold Tudor (Ref. 79018V) case houses Tudor’s in-house COSC-certified movement, the MT5400, which has an impressive 70-hour power reserve. Even though the movement isn’t much to look at in terms of finishing, the BB Fifty-Eight 18K has an exhibition caseback, another first for the BB58.  

Skeptics will note that by having an open caseback on this gold watch, Tudor is able to save a bit of money by replacing gold with sapphire crystal. That may be the case, but by using crystal they also bring the price tag below 20k, making it attainable for a larger demographic, which benefits both Tudor and collectors.  

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