Gold Rolex Submariners: Blueberry, Smurf, and Yellow Gold

Gold Rolex Submariners: Blueberry, Smurf, and Yellow Gold

Regardless of how long you’ve been a watch enthusiast, there's no doubt you're familiar with the iconic Rolex Submariner. For good reason too: this is a watch that, since its creation, has set the industry benchmark for dive watches. It's the quintessential tool watch to be beat up, scratched, and worn in a casual setting. The one thing you should know about Rolex is that despite their impeccable tool watch designs, they always offer over-the-top versions of their tool-centric models. For the Submariner, you have the choice between solid yellow gold, solid white gold with a blue bezel (the ‘blueberry’), or solid white gold with a blue dial and bezel (the ‘smurf’).

The 41mm White Gold Rolex Submariner 'Blueberry'

Blueberry Submariner

Source: Horbiter

If you love your sports watches: the feel of them, their wrist presence, and most importantly their weight, then you’re going to love the solid gold Submariner. It almost seems counterintuitive to make a sports watch, a dive watch, out of a precious metal, and yet, Rolex has made it work perfectly. The wrist presence of  solid gold Submariner watches is impressive, from the luster of the material to the hefty 296 grams of weight. If you love blue, the blueberry is the way to go. With its black dial and bright blue ceramic bezel insert, the blueberry provides you with a subtle pop of colour and the ‘stealth wealth’ look/feel with its white gold case and bracelet. Held side-by-side with a steel Submariner, you can tell the blueberry is white gold from the paler colour tone. Another dead giveaway is the polished finishing on the center links.

The White Gold Rolex Submariner 'Smurf'

White gold sub Smurf

Source: The Watch Club

The Smurf is quite a bit louder than the Blueberry, despite their shared case materials. The bright blue dial combined with the Blueberry's blue bezel really pops. There’s no two ways around the Smurf, it’s definitely more of a statement piece with its bold colour and hefty solid white gold case. Still, despite the louder looks and precious material, the Smurf (and all other gold Submariner models) is just as capable a watch as its stainless steel siblings. If you're looking for something brighter and louder that maintains the classic Rolex design and functionality, then the yellow gold Submariner is the one to look at.

All Out Yellow Gold

Yellow gold sub

Source: Swiss Watch Expo

The solid yellow gold Submariner features an 18 carat yellow gold case and bracelet with a black dial and bezel or a blue dial and bezel. No solid yellow gold Rolex in the history of Rolex watches has ever been subtle: this could not be any truer for the yellow gold sub. The 40mm maxi case or 41mm case with its 12.5mm thickness will not go unnoticed and you will certainly feel the nearly 300 gram hunk or precious metal on the wrist.

Everest On The Gold Submariner

Yellow gold sub on an Everest bands strap

If you want to put more emphasis on the elegant Submariner case, an Everest rubber strap will do just that. There's a reason why even Rolex pairs their precious metal watches on rubber. The contrast between lustrous gold and vulcanized rubber is nothing short of eye-catching. A rubber strap on your gold Rolex Submariner will not only help you avoid wear and tear on your gold bracelet, but give the case even more wrist presence!

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