Gifts For Dads Who Wear Watches

rolex submariner on a tan leather watch pouch from everest horology

Do you have a dad who wears a watch? Maybe he’s an avid collector, or maybe he’s a one-watch guy, never seen without his Rolex Datejust from the early 80s that pairs perfectly with his New Balance Comfort Cross Trainers. Either way, this is the year to wow him with a high-end watch related gift from Everest. You’ve gotten him the ties, golf tees, beer mugs and whisky glasses. This Father’s Day, take your gift to the next level and get him something he will really appreciate and something that is “out of the box” from the traditional father’s day gifts that most dads loathe.

3 everest watch rolls1. Gift for Dad: Everest Watch Roll

The number one gift for dads this year is a high quality leather watch roll. Not only is this gift incredibly nice, but it’s also incredibly useful which is always important to Dad. Our watch rolls are made with premium Italian leather and come in multiple sizes ranging from a 2-watch roll all the way up to a 4-watch roll. The rolls are finished in your choice of heritage brown leather (think tobacco, worn-in baseball glove), a dark espresso brown leather, a navy blue leather, and the ever popular cork watch roll. The most popular size is the 3-watch roll. 

three watch roll on stack of books

Another special and important feature of our watch rolls is that they have been carefully designed with a flat bottom so they can be opened without rolling around. This feature also makes them look beautiful as a display sitting on a dresser or nightstand. Each pillow slides in and out on a one of a kind smooth railing system, and the pillows themselves are bendable, therefore they compress to fit the size of any watch without stretching or putting stress on the bracelet.

Some recent reviews of the Everest Watch Roll:

Beautiful high-quality watch roll with soft rich leather. The interior also looks and feels luxurious. Each Watch pillow can be slid out and completely removed instead of removing the entire interior roll like some brands (Wolf). I have very small wrists and have struggled with the diameter of the interior roll being too large for my watches. No such problem with this watch roll. This is an expensive watch roll but worth every penny. The materials and craftsmanship are exquisite. -Jason J.

The quality and workmanship of the watch roll is supurb.- Dan Y.

Quality product - perfect home for nice watches. -Marcel M.

If you still aren’t convinced, check out at least 80 other glowing 5-star reviews.

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tan leather watch pouch by everest

2. Gift For Dad: Everest Watch Pouch in Leather

For the dad who is a one watch guy, or the dad who travels frequently, an Everest leather watch pouch is a perfect Father’s Day gift. These Italian leather pouches are lined with a soft microfiber inside and come with a flexible microfiber disk to help hold your watch in place and keep it from scratching itself inside of the pouch. The precise stitched detailing on the edges give the pouch an extra layer of flair.

green leather watch pouch next to a rolex hulk on green rubber strap

The pouch is secured with a snap closure that is completely covered on the inside so as not to scratch the watch.  It’s the perfect accessory to just toss in your overnight bag, gym bag, or dresser drawer. It definitely beats a tube sock, that’s for sure.

Recent Reviews of Everest Leather Watch Pouch:

Very pleased with my purchase. It came exactly as described and customer service was responsive and helpful. Highly recommended! - Rick S.

Superb materials, thoughtful design, and skilled craftsmenship sums it up. -Valentino C.

Love it! I put my Submariner in my Everest case before I put it in my golf bag so I don’t have to worry about any damage! -Jeff. J

See the rest of the unbiased reviews here.

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everest tool kit next to a disassembled rolex watch3. Gift for Dad: Everest Tool Kit and Everest Cleaning Cloth

Is your dad more of a handyman? If your dad is the type of guy who likes tools and taking things apart, he is going to love the Everest Tool Kit. This kit allows you to change straps on your watches with ease and without damage to the watch. Our cleaning cloths are so versatile and also multi-functional, which we know is something all dads love. When you’re not using the cloth to polish your watch, it doubles as a dapper pocket square that shows off your subtle love of horology.

rolex hulk on green rubber strap being cleaned by a cleaning cloth

Recent Reviews of the Everest Took Kit and Cleaning Cloth:

So pleased with my purchases. Great change and saves wear on the steel strap too and looks awesome. -Ian A.

High quality set of tools -David T.

Excellent products! 100% satisfied. -Jorge L.

Very high quality cleaning square and it has a beautiful design! -Kellen P.

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4. Gift for Dad: Everest Watch Portfolio

arm holding an everest leather watch portfolio

This is the ultimate watch dad gift. If the dad in your life has a messy drawer full of straps and natos and can never find his favorite spring bar tool, this is the perfect gift for him. If your dad is the social butterfly type always hitting up the next RedBar Crew meeting, this is also a fantastic gift for him because it allows him to travel with his treasured watches. A dad who travels frequently for work or pleasure would also benefit greatly from a watch portfolio as it slips seamlessly and discreetly into a briefcase or luggage.

everest leather watch portfolio opened up

The watch portfolio is made of gorgeous natural tanned calf leather and has a slim profile that holds up to 3 watches and 4 straps plus tools. For ultimate functionality, the microfiber pouches in the portfolio are detachable and can be used for travel or for switching out a watch between work and happy hour. The exterior zippered pocket offers even more storage for extra straps, cleaning cloths, tools, and more.

Recent Reviews of the Everest Watch Portfolio:

Bought this just a few days ago for the 3 watches I own and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made!! I love to change the straps on my watches and needed storage too so this is perfect!! Amazing quality as are all Everest products that I’ve purchased in the past! I highly recommend for anyone with a 3 watch collection👍🏼 -Steven

Love it! -John O.

Best Quality! -Manual P.

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5: Gift for Dad: An Everest Gift Card

Not sure what color roll to purchase or which exact model of Rolex your dad owns? Can’t determine if he’s more of a rubber strap guy or a leather strap guy? Afraid that if you ask mere days before Father’s Day, he might be on to you? Then an Everest gift card is the perfect gift for you. Choose any denomination and give Dad a reason to spend money on something nice for himself. You can even look at the site together while drinking mojitos on the patio, and pick the gift out. We call that family bonding. Welcome to the Everest Family.

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mojito and a rolex watch on beach


So what gift will you pick for the dad in your life this Father's Day? Whatever you choose you can't go wrong, because a gift from Everest is always meaningful, high-quality, and timeless in design and function. Take a look at our Instagram feed if you need some more inspiration. Happy Father's Day to all of the hard-working, watch-loving dads out there. 





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