Get Your Rolex Spotless With The Everest Cleaning Cloth

Get Your Rolex Spotless With The Everest Cleaning Cloth

Everest Cleaning cloth

Everest has just released a new cleaning cloth! The superior quality of this begins with the material containing polyester and polyamide fibers. Then, the finishing touches…Sporting the beautiful Everest green and the unique Everest logo, these cleaning cloths are specifically designed to clean off dirt, dust, fingerprints, body oil, etc. from any surface of a watch while preventing smearing or streaking.

Everest spent a lot of time researching watch cleaning cloths because Everest wanted to present only the best to its customers – knowing how important quality is. You’ve got a luxury watch you want to keep captivating. A good cleaning cloth is something to have handy all the time to simply wipe your watch off. This cloth is the perfect size – not too big to be obtrusive, not too small to be useless. It’s actually very difficult to find a good cleaning cloth for a watch, especially a good sized one, but Everest’s cleaning cloth is just right. The cloth is 9 inches by 9 inches (23 cm by 23cm).

This is a great idea for a small stocking stuffer this holiday. Or, simply a nice little surprise. Or, a small treat for yourself. Don’t let your watch get grimy this winter during all the harsh weather. Keep it shining with Everest’s cleaning cloth.

Green cleaning cloth

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