From Fighters to Racers

From Fighters to Racers

chronofighter watch

A few days ago we talked about the Chronofighter collection from Graham. Cool guy-watches indeed. But Graham has another collection – the Silverstone collection, named for the famed F1 racetrack near the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury, England.

Because Graham is a British-inspired brand, it’s fitting that they also offer a series of race-inspired chronographs named after an iconic British track. At the Couture show in Las Vegas last week, I got to try on a few.

Graham silverstone watch

The Graham Silverstone RS GMT

The Silverstone collection carries obvious characteristics of its automotive inspirations. Straps on most models are rubber with simulated tire tread, while the strap on the GMT was inspired by the leather seats of a vintage Ferrari.

graham watch

… with that Ferrari-looking fitted leather strap.

The dial designs for the most part, are dashboard-inspired, although running seconds on some models mimics a racing wheel. And what racing watch is complete without a tachymeter?

Racing watch

The Silverstone RS Endurance

 All in all, the collection is pretty colorful, auto racing appropriate, and has the features to satisfy a discerning racing enthusiast.

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