Four Reasons You Should Put Your Rolex on a Rubber Strap This Summer

Four Reasons You Should Put Your Rolex on a Rubber Strap This Summer

rolex submariner with everest rubber strap in black on beach

Forget hot girl summer. It’s hot watch summer, and you know what that means: it’s time to take the leap. Sure, you can jump into the nearest lake, ocean, or pool, but we had a different type of leap in mind. This summer, it’s time to swap out your Rolex bracelet with an Everest Bands rubber strap. We see you out there, eyeing the wrist shots on IG, noticing how perfectly our red rubber strap matches your GMT-Master. No more gazing from the sidelines -- it’s time to get into the game. Summer is the perfect time to swap out a bracelet on your watch for something a little more playful and durable. Here are four reasons it’s time to wear an Everest Band on your Rolex this summer. 

rolex submariner on white rubber strap


1. Everest Bands are UV resistant

For our first post-pandemic summer, we’re ready for ALL the vacations, all the international flights, and all the summer sun we can soak up. Instead of wearing metal that can nick, scratch, or sag, opt for UV-resistant rubber straps in colors that won’t fade, even in the hottest vacation spots. Don’t worry about microabrasions from sand or salt. Free your mind from worrying about your precious metal or stainless steel bracelet by keeping it safe in a watch portfolio until you’re ready to wear it next.

orange rubber strap on rolex explorer

2. Everest Bands are water resistant. 

Just like Rolex bracelets, Everest Bands offer water-resistance in a strap so that you can wear your Rolex with confidence, knowing that the movement is protected even if you remove the original bracelet. Everest Band’s rubber straps repel water, sweat, and humidity, leaving your wrist dry and preventing uncomfortable friction from metal links. The underside of the band is equipped with proprietary air channels that allow for moisture to escape and cool air to flow. Swim and shower fearlessly. On vacation, your mind should be free from even small concerns. An Everest Band on your luxury watch will give you one less thing to worry about.

wet rolex milgauss on blue rubber everest strap

3. Everest Bands come in a rainbow of colors. 

One of our favorite things about our products is watching how our raving fans style their Everest Bands watch straps. Whether they're pairing a blue strap with a Batman GMT, a green strap on the Hulk, a matte black strap with their Sub or an arctic white strap with their Rolex Daytona, every single combination looks stunning. We even stock unusual and unexpected colors for the unconventional collector. A Milgauss on bright orange? If not the middle of summer, then when?

rolex watches on rubber straps by everest bands

 4. Everest Bands have inclusive sizing 

We’re proud to support all members of the #watchfam, which is why our new watch bands fit smaller wrists and eliminate the extraneous length, streamlining the aesthetic. Or, if you love 44mm Panerai watches, we’re here for you with our traditional strap that fits average to larger wrist sizes. When you’re swapping out the watch band on a luxury watch, fit is paramount. That includes the watch strap you choose. 

green and blue rubber everest straps on rolex gmt master II

The Rubber Strap Designed By Watch Collectors 

Everest uses high-end FKM vulcanized rubber and intentional design features to deliver the highest quality aftermarket strap for your Rolex. We’re biased, but the thousands of people who have left 5 star reviews aren’t. Change the look of your Rolex easily with one of our fully Swiss-Made luxury rubber watch straps.

rolex daytona on gray rubber strap



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