Top 3 Best Rubber Strap Looks For your Rolex Milgauss

Top 3 Best Rubber Strap Looks For your Rolex Milgauss

rolex milgauss on green rubber strap

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One of Rolex’s more unique watches is the Rolex Milgauss. Typically Rolex’s tool watches feature outdoor and robust activities including climbing with a Rolex Explorer or deepsea diving with a Rolex Deepsea on one’s wrist. But, the Rolex Milgauss honors science. 

What was the need for an antimagnetic Rolex watch in the first place? Scientists and others required a device to withstand magnetic fields which was compromising the movement of their timepieces. Scientists in particular needed accurate timekeeping for their experiments, and of course, Rolex had an answer.

milgauss on blue rubber strap

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The anti-magnetic watch model is also quite a spin off of Rolex’s other designs. With a lightning bolt orange seconds hand, the Rolex Milgauss was originally released in 1956. The Rolex Milgauss was tested and determined that it is resistant to magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss hence the prefix “mil.” Mil stems from the French name “mille” which means one thousand. Gauss is a unit of measurement or unit of a magnetic field. We thought we’d take a look at the favorite summer looks on a Rolex Milgauss. We’re rocking rubber this summer on the unique but fantastically designed Rolex Milgauss. 

There are endless options and combinations you can try. Choose your options from buckle style to buckle color to customize your Rolex the way you want to with the top rated Swiss-made watch band. First up, let’s strap on a blue watch strap first. Swiss-Made Everest rubber watch bands are offered with a tang buckle, or they can be used with your favorite Rolex deployant buckle. The blue color is available in our newly released short strap version as well. 

wet milgauss on blue rubber everest band

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The bright blue makes us want to head straight to the ocean or get ready to jump in a pool to cool off with all this hot weather. It’s a good thing Rolex used its well-known waterproof Oyster case. The channeling system on the back of the tang buckle straps is perfect for allowing air and water to escape. It also reinforces the holes as well, so you can feel secure in diving right in. The blue rubber watch band plays with the beautiful blue dial. Other watch models that pair greatly with blue include the Rolex Deepsea or Rolex Submariner

The second, and another great color option, is the Everest orange rubber watch band. While the Milgauss is not a diving watch (which is natural to want to pair with orange), it perfectly pulls out the orange lightning second hand and the name of the watch itself on the dial.

rolex milgauss on orange strap

Image Source @wwcwatchfam 

Our third, and possibly most favorite option, is the Everest green rubber watch band. In correlation to Rolex’s famous green color, the Everest green rubber watch band doesn’t clash with the orange accents. It celebrates the model and would look great on your wrist pushing your mower this summer. If you want to have a little fun with the tang style green rubber watch band, a black PVD buckle or a gold buckle would be fun!

milgauss on green rubber everest band

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But, don’t let us convince you which style to strap on this summer. The Everest #watchfam share their experiences as well.

 Andrew L. is a “HUGE fan of this strap. I appreciate the quality of the Rolex bracelet, but the aesthetic is not for me. The Blue rubber strap is a great match to the watch (dimensions and robustness) and it now feels at home on my wrist in a way the metal bracelet didn't.”

And, Tony U. seems to agree: “Perfect fit, sized perfectly... super happy with this purchase.”

rolex milgauss on orange rubber everest strap

Image Source @lavarocks

“Great product. Looks wonderful and works as advertised. The orange strap makes the markers and sub-numbering pop!” - Bk.F

Guillermo A is also satisfied, but is ready for more: “Excellent product...I plan to purchase more products from Everest...and hope that the brand makes the bands available for all of the Rolex brand lineup.”

Don’t worry Guillermo, we’ve already got some designs in the works. Stay tuned with new watch news from the Everest Journal, stories and new Everest Band releases with our Everest email. And, we want to know what you’re rocking this summer - drop us a comment below!


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