Four Cutting Edge Panerai Models for the Modern Collector

Four Cutting Edge Panerai Models for the Modern Collector

In the last 5 years, Panerai has taken the necessary steps to establish themselves as a powerful player within today’s watch industry. In an attempt to pull themselves away from the more traditional players, Panerai has continued to push the envelope with regards to technology and materials. A few weeks ago, we covered four classic Panerai models that stay true to Panerai’s DNA. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the more technologically cutting edge Panerai models to suit today’s modern watch collector. 


Up until 2015, most of Panerai’s models used traditional materials such as steel, titanium, or precious metals. In 2015, Panerai released a new high-tech design known as Carbotech. Carbotech is created by taking sheets of carbon fiber and putting them under intense amounts of heat and pressure. The end result is a lightweight, corrosion resistant, and durable watch case with a great look. The best part is that slight changes and variations within the manufacturing process means that no two Carbotech watches are alike! Priced at $17,400

PAM 616 panerai


Ever wanted a watch made out of volcanic rock? Then look no further than the PAM 1119 Fibratech! One of Panerai’s newest materials, Fibratech, is made by taking thin basalt rock fibers and putting them together in a process where pressure and temperature are controlled very carefully. The end result is a matte grey material that is 60% lighter than steel and very resistant to corrosion. Similar to the Carbotech, the Fibratech manufacturing process results in each watch having its own distinct features. Priced at $18,900

panerai luminor marina


Panerai is no stranger to titanium, and the material has appeared in many of its previous watch releases. This year, Panerai took titanium and brought it to the next level with the PAM 1117. For this watch, Panerai uses a technique called Direct Metal Laser Sintering. A form of 3-D printing that enables certain sections of the case to be left hollow which results in a total weight of 100 grams/3.3oz. To put that into perspective, the entire assembled watch, including strap, weighs about as much as a deck of cards! Priced at $18,900

panera luminor marina


What list would be complete without a little bling? Earlier this year, Panerai released an awe-striking reddish gold watch with a beautiful sunbrushed blue dial called the PAM 1112 Goldtech. The goal with Goldtech was to create a precious metal that's darker, more red, and has an increased resistance to fading than your standard pink/rose gold. The key to achieving these results lies within its composition. According to Panerai, Goldtech comprises 75% gold, 24% copper, and 0.4% platinum. Panerai claims that this finely tuned mixture creates the perfect color tone while achieving extreme oxidation resistance. Whatever it is, I just know that I want it! Priced at $22,900

new panerai models

Written by Patrick Bernardez

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