Five Great Leather Watch Bands/Straps for your Rolex Sports Watch

Five Great Leather Watch Bands/Straps for your Rolex Sports Watch

Have you wanted a leather watch band for your Rolex sports watch, but your local authorized dealer did not offer one?  Ever noticed Rolex doesn’t sell a leather strap option for the Submariner, GMT Master, Yacht-Master, Sea-Dweller or Explorer? Sadly, only the Rolex Daytona comes in a leather watch band variation. Guess what! Everest has been making custom Swiss-made leather straps for Rolex owners for six years! Finally, your leather watch band prayers have been answered.

We have been helping Rolex owners customize their Rolex with a leather or rubber watch strap for eight years in total (click here if you want to check out our rubber options). Everest offers countless leather watch band options for the discerning Rolex owner. We have a patented end piece made of 316L steel that integrates with a leather strap. This unique technology was developed in unison with one of the finest bracelet makers in the world. We also work with the best Swiss leather strap maker to create a perfect curved end leather watch band for countless Rolex models. Don't forget, we also make leather straps for Tudor and Panerai owners as well! Let’s take a moment and check out five of our favorite leather watch band options for Rolex guys:

First up is the Rolex GMT Master II with a black ceramic bezel on a gorgeous Chestnut watch Strap. Notice Everest’s proprietary curved end technology? After years of development working with our Swiss team, we were able to create that unique leather strap for discerning Rolex owners. Notice the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather? Only the best for our Rolex guys! (Click here for this look)

rolex gat master II on Italian leather watch strap

Second is a Rolex Daytona with a killer inspired Racing style strap. Notice the perforated strap? How about the red stitching? Our Rolex owners love this leather watch band for sure!  (Click here for this look)

Daytona on leather watch band racing style

Now up our Patented Steel End Link Leather Strap system on a Rolex Submariner two-tone Simply the best! At $250.00, you cannot find a more amazing case connection. This leather watch strap integrates exactly like the Rolex bracelet. We spent years perfecting this design especially for you. (Click here for this look)

submariner on leather alligator watch band.jpg

Fourth place is no slouch. Check out this amazing Rolex Yacht-Master on a tan leather strap from our Swiss manufacturer. As always the curved end fits flawlessly to the case. These Italian hides are tanned using old world techniques that do not harm the environment. (Click here for this look for Yacht-Master)

rolex yacht-master tan leather strap

Lastly, let's take a look at a gorgeous Datejust with a leather curved end strap. Take this classy watch to the next level with an Alligator stamped beauty! As always Swiss-made and ready for any Rolex owner to preserve their bracelet with. LEARN MORE HERE

leather strap for Rolex datejust

In conclusion, it doesn't matter what Rolex you own, Everest has your back when it comes to leather watch band options. Be it a vegetable tanned, Italian-made beauty that will class up any event or an exotic racing car inspired strap that will blow your hair back - Everest has a unique leather watch strap that will fit your style. Learn more about our watch bands at

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