Everest Watch Bands for Motorsport

Everest Watch Bands for Motorsport

It’s that time of year again -- we’re heading into the final race of the F1 calendar. What better time to make your watch a bit sportier for the last race weekend of the year! F1 has exploded in popularity over the last few years. They have incorporated exciting new tracks like Miami this year. Following this growth, more watch companies -- especially those with motorsport heritage -- have become more present and involved regarding watchmaking connected to motorsport. Loads of watch guys are slowly becoming car guys and vice versa. Today we’re going to show you how to make your watch F1 race ready!

Watch Straps for Motorsport Fans

Tudor Black Bay Chronograph on Everesr Curved End Rubber Strap

Image Soure: @paramount_timepieces on Instagram

If you take a closer look at F1 drivers' watches, you'll see a huge range of brands like TAG Heuer all the way to Richard Mille. However, the one thing these watches have in common is that none of them are on a metal bracelet. It goes without saying that drivers wear watches from the brand they are sponsored by, but the drivers are given the freedom to choose which model and bracelet they want. So it’s by no coincidence that all the F1 drivers choose a rubber, nylon or leather strap. There are a few reasons why they do so. These materials reduce the overall weight of the watch as opposed to the metal bracelet. They also increase the overall comfort of the watch since a rubber, nylon and leather hug the wrist perfectly; there is more forgiveness in these materials than metal. Therefore, if you’re a motorsport fan or a racer yourself, having a high-quality Swiss made rubber strap on your watch, just like every F1 driver, is something you need to experience.

Curved End Nylon Watch Straps

Everest Curved End Nylon Strap on Rolex Daytona (left) and Rolex Submariner (right)

This is where Everest perfectly comes in -- maybe you’re a fan of Lewis Hamilton and/or team Mercedes. If that's the case, you definitely want to check out our curved end nylon strap. With three different color configurations, you can achieve the perfect look for your watch. The detailed stitching and reinforced adjustment holes give this strap a unique look. Compared to rubber and leather, nylon is by far the lightest material. Like with rubber and leather, you don’t need to worry about your watch's placement on the wrist; this nylon strap will keep it perfectly in place without siding around. Whether you’re racing a car or supporting a motorsport team, our curved end nylon strap really completes the look of your watch and enhances its wearability. By keeping the watch in the exact same place on your wrist comfortably, one quick glance at the watch is all you need to read the time.

Perforated Racing Leather Watch Straps

Rolex Daytona on Black curved end perforated leather strap with red stitching

Perhaps you're more of a Redbull fan. Maybe you prefer the look and feel of leather like this year's champion Max Verstappen. The Everest perforated leather strap is designed to fit your Rolex watch perfectly and give you the best fit possible. Regardless of the color you choose, the perforated leather and lined stitching evokes the design language of sports cars and F1. The leather strap will  keep your watch in place whilst racing and allow your wrist to breathe thanks to the perforated Italian leather. I think it also goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: this strap looks fantastic. It perfectly embodies the spirit of motorsport -- plus -- you can find the right color for the team you support!

Rubber Watch Straps

Rolex Daytona on black Everest curved rubber strap with deployant clasp

Finally, you may be a Ferrari or McLaren fan. While having a career as an F1 driver is a fantastic dream, you don’t need to dream of wearing the same watches as F1 drivers on your wrist. You can opt for orange or red rubber like Lando and Charles: we have many different colors of rubber straps to show your support for your favorite team. Rubber is an excellent choice for motorsport as it is the most durable, very scratch resistant, lightweight and ultra comfy, it’s easy to see why it’s the go-to choice of strap for most F1 drivers!

Rolex Explorer II on red Everest curved end rubber strap

Like with all Everest products, the watch straps are all Swiss-made to the highest standard to match the quality of your watch. With many colors and materials available, you can select the perfect strap that achieves a look you feel great about. Whether it perfectly complements your watch or pays homage to your favorite F1 driver or team, Everest rubber straps are the way to go. If you don't wear a Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai, don’t worry. We’ve got a universal rubber strap for any watch with a 20mm lug width. The sky's the limit. Don’t waste any time and head straight over to the Everest store to check out our large strap selection to get yours ready for an F1 race!

Article by Thomas Pinches

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