Everest Releases The Perfect Strap For The Rolex Submariner 41 (Reference 124060 & 126610)

Everest Releases The Perfect Strap For The Rolex Submariner 41 (Reference 124060 & 126610)

Don’t you just love the Submariner? We do too. It is such the perfect watch. It is a dive watch, but it goes with jeans and a t-shirt as well as it does with a Zegna suit (or a wet suit for that matter).  For that exact reason, it also works extremely well with a NATO strap, a rubber strap and of course it looks amazing on the bracelet it came with. The NATO and the bracelet are the easy button of strap options, however the rubber strap was a challenge (up until just a week ago) for the latest Rolex Submariner released back in 2020, with its unique 21 wide lugs. 

Rolex Submariner 41 on Everest rubber band

Everest has been receiving countless emails everyday from our adoring fans and customers with one question in them…when are you going to come out with a rubber strap for the Rolex Submariner Ref: 126610/124060? As arduous as it has been, we only believe in creating the absolute best and we weren’t going to release anything until it was perfect. Countless prototypes, months in front of our CAD software,  and probably a thousand cups of espresso later we finally nailed the design for you, our most important judge. On top of that, we decided to come out with the design in not just a tang buckle version but also a deployant version so you could use your Rolex clasp if you wanted to.

Rubber strap on Rolex sea-dweller and Submariner

We just started shipping the Submariner 41mm rubber straps this week and a few customers have already gotten them, and the response has been literally overwhelming. One delighted customer said “I thought you could not improve from your previous designs, but somehow you made it even better!” We are shocked at the countless emails, reviews and phone calls telling us that we have perfected the rubber strap for a Rolex owner! The Rolex Submariner 126610 line now has the perfect rubber strap option.

SubC 41 on rubber strap

So what has changed? We could go into so many little details but we will keep it pretty high-level for now. For starters, we have made some edits to how, in-general the strap itself hugs the case. Our famously easy to install curved end straps have earned Everest the nickname “King of Rubber Straps” - but with this newly designed connection it will help solidify our place on the throne. Next, we made some length adjustments on the tang buckle version. The slight changes should help the average Rolex owner find an even better fit. Lastly, we modified the profile on both the deployant and the tang buckle versions ever so slightly to look even better than before. We could keep going, but we promise you that you won’t be disappointed with our Swiss made strap one bit.

With almost 3000 five star reviews and a 4.5 Google rating, you know that you are buying the best for your Rolex with Everest. Now, no matter what Rolex Submariner you own, if it was made in the last thirty five years, Everest has a perfect rubber strap to complement it! 

Submariner Rolex Ceramic on Everest rubber watch band

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