Everest At Watches and Wonders: How To Stay in the Loop for 2024 Releases

Everest At Watches and Wonders: How To Stay in the Loop for 2024 Releases

Watches and Wonders 2024 kicks off this Tuesday, April 9th in Geneva, Switzerland. The Everest team will be there before the starting gun to cover the newest releases from Rolex, Tudor, and a host of other extraordinary watch brands. To make sure you don’t miss a beat, I’d like to run through what coverage you can expect, where you can find it, and when: day by day. 

Where To Find Watches and Wonders 2024 Coverage

Throughout this whirlwind of a week, you can rely on consistent output from two channels: our Instagram account – @everestbands – and the Everest Journal via our email list (you can sign up using the form at the very bottom of this page). Our Instagram will host to-the-minute coverage of new releases. Written content will be sent out via our email list as it's published: there will be no sales or promotional email content during the duration of the show. 

Sunday, April 7th: Watches and Wonders Preview

Two days before Watches and Wonders, tune in to our Instagram Live preview @ 4pm Central Time (CT), hosted on our Instagram @everestbands. Mike and George will host a live rundown of what’s to come, factoring in any news we have up to that point. 

Monday, April 8th: Start Your Engines

The day before Watches and Wonders is rarely a quiet one. Surprise releases, last-minute news, and leaks are not unheard of leading up to the show. Keep your ear to the ground via the aforementioned channels on Monday – you might get some exclusive information.

Tuesday, April 9th: Rolex and Tudor Release Coverage

Image Source: GQ

Watches and Wonders starts at 8:30am Central European Time. For those not wearing a GMT, that’s 1:30am Central Time (CT). If you plan to be up that late, we’ll have live coverage on our Instagram @everestbands, as well as written coverage on the Everest Journal as fast as we can publish it. As mentioned in our Watches and Wonders: What to Expect article, we will prioritize Rolex and Tudor coverage during this first day.

For those planning to be asleep during the releases, get the rundown on our Instagram Live Recap @ 8am Central Time (CT). By that point, we’ll know of every Rolex and Tudor release and we'll be ready to share them with you. You’ll also have plenty of written content to catch up on by then.

Wednesday, April 10th: Day Two + Time to Watches

On Wednesday, we’ll continue our Rolex and Tudor coverage and begin branching out to other brands. By this point, we will have met with a number of extraordinary brands like Laurent Ferrier, Ressence, Gerald Charles, etc. Wednesday also marks the first day of the auxiliary show Time to Watches, from which we’ll be posting live Instagram coverage.

Thursday, April 11th: Patek Philippe Museum

Image Source: SJX Watches

By Thursday, we plan to have Rolex and Tudor releases mostly behind us, and we will continue sharing photos and written coverage of other brands at the show. Additionally, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be attending a press tour of the Patek Philippe Museum. While we’re not allowed to bring “professional equipment”, we will keep you in the loop to the extent that we’re allowed via our Instagram @everestbands and written content via email.

Friday, April 12th - Onward

In just a few days of attending Watches and Wonders, we will have gathered enough photos, videos, and notes to create extraordinary content for weeks to come. You can expect in-depth recaps related to specific releases, our experience at the Patek Philippe Museum, watch spotting from inside Watches and Wonders, write-ups detailing what it’s like to attend the show, and a rundown of what predictions we got right and wrong. This content will be delivered via all the same channels: just stay tuned to our Instagram and email!

What are you looking forward to? If there’s anything you’d like us to cover (releases, specific questions for brands, etc.), let us know in the comments below or email us at blog@everestbands.com. I’m happy to be your Watches and Wonders conduit.

Header Image Source: SJX Watches

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