Dream Travel Destination and Watch Pairing

Dream Travel Destination and Watch Pairing

With COVID restrictions easing and places in the US and Europe opening up for travel, many of us watch enthusiasts may be faced with a dilemma, what watch to bring on vacation? Even for those of us not going on vacation yet, it’s always fun to imagine what watches we’d take with us to various destinations around the world, as we await for more of the world to open up. While we may all have different preferences on our ideal vacations, we would like to provide some inspiration, so here are some of our suggestions.

Location 1: Rome, Italy

rome aerial view

Image source: Context Travel

Traveling to Rome is a city rich with history, from ancient Roman landmarks such as the Colosseum to the Parthenon and Catholic landmarks such as the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Rome is a must-see at least once on a trip to Italy. If you have time on your hands, travel north to Bologna for the absolute best food in all of Italy.

panerai on curved end tan leather strap

Image Source: Everest Bands Blog

For this trip I would bring along the Panerai PAM 372. The Panerai Luminor is just such an iconic and classic design for an iconic city. It pays homage to the historic PAM 6152-1, much in the same way Rome is a city with deep historical roots. The creamy hour indicators are reminiscent of the beautiful Italian houses that line Rome’s beautiful streets. Not to mention the fact that Panerai is an Italian company!

Pair this Panerai with a custom-fit curved end tan leather strap from Everest for a subtle nod to the incredible leather artistry found all over Italy in iconic cities such as Rome and Florence. 

leather watch roll in navy blue from everest

Our Italian full-grain Nappa leather watch rolls are a testament to the type of quality and artistry found in this region as well. Be sure to have one on hand for travel! 

Location 2: Monte-Carlo, Monaco


Image Source: Formula 1

Monaco is a city-state and the second smallest sovereign state in the world after the aforementioned Vatican city. It’s home to many of Europe’s elite and a favorite summer travel destination for the wealthy all over the world. Monaco hosts the longest running Formula 1 race, the Monaco Grand Prix. During the race and throughout the summer you’ll see super-yachts docked all along the harbor and a plethora of supercars cruising the city’s streets. There is one watch that would feel right at home here and that’s the Patek Philippe 5711/1A-014 Nautilus.

patek philippe nautilus

Image Source: Swiss-watches Magazine

This watch embodies the elegance of Monaco much like the Casino, while also being recognizable enough for those that want to be seen, much like the Ferraris, Paganis, and Bugatti’s you’ll see parked in front. The new green colorway for 2021 is a fresh take on an iconic watch and if you can get your hands on one will really set you apart from the rest as very few have been lucky enough to get one of these watches.

curved end leather racing strap for rolex daytona

@rolexdiver Instagram

If you wanted to stick with Rolex for your trip to Monaco, a perfect dream pairing would be a Rolex Daytona on a curved end leather racing strap from Everest. The perforated leather is the same as in race cars and the contrasting stitching gives the strap a real Monaco feel. 

Location 3: Seoul, Korea

seoul korea

Seoul is a young city that’s all about fashion and technology but also respects old cultures and its rich history. You’ll see bright flashy skyscrapers and LED lights, but also historical monuments, temples, and castles. The watch that embodies that for me is, one of the Everest team's personal grail watches, the Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW. 

rolex rainbow daytona

Image Source: Mono-chrome Watches

This watch is flashy, bright, and loud much like the city, with the rainbow gems on its bezel reflecting the appearance of the buildings at night. On the other hand, the Daytona also has a rich history much like Seoul and neither the watch nor the city forgets that.

Pairing your Rolex Daytona with a rubber strap from Everest will allow you to stand out fashionably during the day, and endure those long nights partying without worrying about damaging the beautiful Rolex bracelet.

Of course only a very small portion of us are lucky enough to ever own a Rainbow Daytona. To get that colorful look in a more affordable way, try pairing your Rolex, Panerai, or Tudor with one of our colorful Swiss-Made rubber straps.

watch roll filled with rolex watches on rubber straps

@ilikerolexes Instagram

Let us know some of your pairings in the comments and don’t forget that Everest Bands has you covered for all your travel watch accessory needs as well, such as the 4 slot leather watch roll in Navy Blue shown above.

Bon Voyage!


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