The best straps for your Rolex Daytona

The best straps for your Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is without a doubt, one of the most iconic and most highly coveted Rolex watches in existence today.

When Mark, the lucky owner of a stainless steel Rolex Daytona was looking for a way to jazz up his watch, he decided to try a strap from the robust line of Everest bands designed specifically for Rolex Daytonas

“I had tried different leather bands before, including those made by Rolex, “ he said, “but, none looked like they were custom to the watch, specifically the gap between the band and the watch face.” 

Mark was excited to try the new look and immediately after installing it, he exclaimed, “I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my new band and totally new look to my Daytona. The strap is, without question, of the highest quality and the curved end piece fits as if it were custom to the watch--give it a complete look.”

tan leather everest strap on daytona

He went on to gush further, saying, “I've had more people offer unsolicited comments in the last week than I have in more than 8 years of owning the watch, which just goes to show the impact of adding some color and a unique band to the watch.”

Lastly he finished his review with this: “If you're looking for a way to make your Daytona unique in a completely professional way, then I highly recommend adding an Everest band, you will not be disappointed.” 

rolex daytona on everest band perforated leather

Mark is just one of thousands of Everest customers who are thrilled with their purchases and who emphatically give our products glowing 5-star reviews. At Everest we are watch owners and watch lovers ourselves, so we are obsessed with creating the highest quality straps for Rolex owners. Our straps are designed in the USA, but entirely Swiss-Made, which means that they are made to the highest, most precise standard in the entire world.

black everest band on rolex daytona

There are many great looks that can completely enhance the look and feel of your Rolex Daytona. From classic leather looks, to sporty perforated leather, to solid rubber and bi-colored rubber, to tough braided nylon, Everest has everything you need to fully elevate your Daytona to the next level. Let’s take a look at some iconic looks.

rolex daytona on everest leather racing strap

Above is Everest's perforated leather strap for Rolex Daytona in white, with signature red stitching. Our perforated leather is made with the same leather used in car seats in high end race cars, giving the Daytona even more of a connection to its roots.

Another option in white is seen below, in the white vulcanized rubber strap. This one comes in two varieties--a classic tang buckle version and a deployant buckle version where you utilize your Rolex clasp into the design making it look exceptionally custom-fit. 

Here's what Steve S. had to say about it: "Great, comfortable straps, the white rubber strap really suits the Daytona 116500LN"

rolex daytona white rubber everest band

Next, let's move on to another fan favorite, the steel gray rubber. This color gives the look of a Rolex steel bracelet, with the comfort and light-weight feel of a quality rubber strap. This is also available in both deployant and tang buckle versions. Notice the case connection is snug and precise, offering a perfect fit between the lugs.

gray rubber everest band on rolex daytona

Or course one of the most iconic looks of all time is the little black strap. Black is one of our highest sellers as it goes with everything, looks good with every version of the Daytona, and it just very versatile. It looks amazing with a white dial, enhancing the interior details, but also looks incredibly sleek on a black dialed Daytona. 

Here's what customer Daniel B. had to say about it: "I'm quite pleased with my Daytona black rubber strap from Everest. The quality is evident, the fit is perfect, and the strap is pliable and comfortable. I've had other nice rubber straps on other watch brands, but this Everest rubber strap is better looking and better feeling than the others. Thank you." 

rolex daytona on black rubber everest strap

If neutrals aren't your thing and you want to branch out to something more bold and eye catching, maybe give Everest red or green rubber straps a try. The bold colorful strap really enhances the chronograph dial and makes the watch pop. Fun fact, we pantone match our red to a red Ferrari, once again subtly tying your Daytona to its racing roots. 

red rubber everest band on rolex daytona

"Beautifully made and super soft. I always preferred a bracelet or leather strap but this just changed that. Makes my Daytona even more comfortable!" -Sandeep K.

Seen below is a wild card pair, but still incredibly popular. On the left you can see a rubber strap with a bi-color stripe. Stock on these is extremely limited, so if you're interested, please act quickly.

On the right you can see our tough, curved-end braided nylon strap. This one looks amazing on the Rolex Daytona. What you can't see on this strap, is that it is lined with leather including leather details on the strap near the buckle. These leather accents come in a variety of colors, from black to red (see second image below this image).

2 rolex daytonas on everest straps

According to customer Mike R, his Everest strap is "Just awesome, incredible fit, great leather and turns the new Daytona (Black Ceramic) White face into a stunning everyday watch…"

everest curved nylon strap for rolex daytona

Some reviews of the Everest Nylon Strap for Rolex Daytona:

"Perfect fit very sporty and elegant" -Alejandra T

 "Completely addicted to this brand. Awesome product." -Thomas W

Shown here in this blog are only a small portion of the options available on the Everest Bands website. Be sure to check out all of your options! With a huge range of colors, materials, case-connections (curved-end vs steel-end link), and styles you are sure to find something to fit your fancy. And of course, whether you have an Everest Band on your Daytona, or not, it always looks incredible chic in an Everest Watch Roll.

rolex daytonas in everest watch roll

Thank you to all of our Daytona-loving customers for providing these great shots on Instagram. If you are an Everest customer (now or in the future), always remember to tag us on facebook and instagram so we can repost your awesome wrist shot. We love interacting with our customers, answering questions, and taking shop.

leather everest band on daytona

Image via SSCosmo on RolexForums.

In regards to customer service, repeat customer Warren B. said this: Excellent quality and quick delivery! The best customer service! Very happy with outcome of all the bands I’ve purchased from them!"

To follow up, Conrad R. commented: "Beautiful strap. High Quality product. You get what you pay for. Great communication from the company. Answered all my questions!" 

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Warren and the rest of the Everest Watch Fam for their support and friendship over the years! Can't wait to see which Daytona strap you choose!

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