Customize your Rolex with the Everest Nylon NATO Strap

Customize your Rolex with the Everest Nylon NATO Strap

Did you know that Everest now offers a NATO style nylon watch strap? The best thing about these straps are, unlike our curved end rubber, nylon or leather straps, these fit any watch model! We often get asked if we have straps for other brands other than Rolex, Tudor and Panerai, and now we have something to offer for those Omegas, Patek Philippe or any other watch brands. These NATO style nylon straps will fit any watch model with a 20mm or 22mm lug width. (You can find these straps for a 20mm and 22mm lug width here.) They are offered in eight different colors, so you are sure to find one, if not more, to match your watch.  

Nylon is the perfect material to wear on your wrist for summer, especially for those watch enthusiasts who are adventurous. Nylon feels light-weight but it is a very strong material and is very weather resistant from the sun, rain or wind. This is why Nylon is commonly used in outerwear, like raincoats and activewear, and industrial uses, like parachutes and tents. The NATO style watch strap actually traces its history back to the military. (You can read more on this in our article "History of a NATO").  So, you can relax while diving or climbing, knowing your watch is safe and sturdy on your wrist. 

We are going to look at our top three NATO style nylon watch strap looks: 

1. The James Bond

nylon Nato watch band

This is no doubt our favorite look. As mentioned in the name, it is from the James Bond Films. While some people think that the Bond coloring should be grey with the red lining, it is actually olive green with red. This is a misconception due to the lighting in the film. The fact that this is from the Bond films makes it our favorite and it also looks pretty sweet. For any watch with red or green writing on the dial, this strap is the best option to make that writing pop without overpowering the watch.

2. The Classic Black or Grey

everest nato watch band

You can never go wrong with a classic black or grey color. These neutrals will go with any watch or outfit. If you cannot choose which color to go with, get both the grey and black, or go with the black with grey option. You really cannot go wrong with either of these colors. These colors are great for people who want to have options for their watch but want the watch itself to still be the center of attention.    

3. Tiffany Blue

nato watch band

This Tiffany Blue color is beautiful and perfect to lighten up any watch. With the light grey outline on the edges, this color looks amazing on watches with a grey or rhodium dial. The blue with this grey makes the dial pop yet brings it all together for an overall perfect look. If you’re adventurous in both your activities and your style, this is the color for you. 

Check out all our NATO style straps in 20mm and 22mm widths and let us know what your favorite color is! 

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