Color Theory Pt. 2: How To Gift The Candy-Colored 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetuals

Color Theory Pt. 2: How To Gift The Candy-Colored 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetuals

On Wednesday, we looked at three colors in the 2020 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Line: pink, coral red, and turquoise. Today, we’ll dive in with green, yellow, and bright blue. If you’ve purchased an OP as a holiday gift for a loved one, you’re probably thinking about how to present it. One of the best ways to highlight these gorgeous dials is through color coordination. Choosing a few gifts in the some color can hint at what’s to come, or provide the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful Swiss watch. Pair the new OP with any of the following items for creative presentation the recipient won’t forget! 


Even three-year-olds know that green means start, and with the 2020 Oyster Perpetual with a Rolex-green dial, all systems are definitely GO. This iconic green hue has a long history in Rolex design, and it’s nice to see it show up on a dress watch. It’s smaller than the Hulk or Kermit, but this new OP definitely shares some DNA with those two beloved watches.  

new rolex oyster perpetual line
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CBD-infused body lotion from Lord Jones

The holidays are all about relaxing, and this luxurious CBD-infused body lotion from Lord Jones is the perfect pathway to chill.  


It’s hard not to be happy when you’re wearing yellow. The buttercup-tinted dial absolutely gleams against gray stainless steel, for a little bit of sunshine wherever you go. Someone who chooses a yellow dial definitely isn’t a shrinking violet. Here are three color-coordinated companion gifts for someone who lives on the sunnier side of the street. 

new rolex oyster perpetual in yellow dial
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This lemony rollerball pen from Mont Blanc

This lemony rollerball pen from Mont Blanc makes writing holiday thank you cards a breeze. Perfect if the recipient can’t get enough Swiss design. 


This dial that’s the exact color of the Adriatic sea has us dreaming of faraway places: Morocco’s, the Grecian islands, and maybe even the Maldives. All three locations are the only other places you’ll find this same gorgeous blue. If you’ve been land-bound for the past ten months, maybe two tickets to an exotic locale are in order. Tired: matching a blue watch to your outfit. Wired: matching a blue watch to the view outside your hotel. 

rolex oyster perpetual in blue
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Santorini? Yes, please. And make it a one-way ticket. 


Proper Care + Feeding of Your Rolex 

Always encourage proper care of your Rolex by buying it a gorgeous home to live in when it’s off your wrist. If the lucky recipient of the new OP owns several watches, an Everest Bands watch roll or watch pouch offers a luxurious way to display their collection. Our leather and rubber watch bands are a wonderful stocking stuffer for the watch collector in your life. 

Written by Meghan Clark

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