Color Series: Blue Watch Accessories and Straps

Color Series: Blue Watch Accessories and Straps

Although black is Everest's most popular watch strap color, blue is a very close second. Blue is the perfect statement color that is not too loud, but also catches the eye of others. It adds a pop of color to your wrist and helps to spice up the overall look and feel of your watch. Also, who doesn’t love the color blue? It is a color everyone enjoys and appreciates! Today, we are going to look at all of Everest’s blue watch accessories, including leather and rubber watch straps, pouches, and rolls. 

Blue Rubber Watch Strap

rolex batman watch on a blue rubber watch band resting on top of papers

First, we have the curved end blue rubber strap. This strap looks amazing on any watch, but especially the Rolex Batman. Depending on your watch model, our blue rubber strap comes in the deployant and tang buckle option. The tang buckle option (shown below) is great for those who want to preserve their original bracelet and want a more casual look. Notice the curvature, the channeling, and high quality steel buckle.

rolex batman gmt watch with a blue rubber strap with tang buckle sitting on top of a taupe colored watch pouch

The deployant option is a very unique Everest product because it utilizes your original Rolex clasp on our rubber bracelet. This is a good option for those who want more of a classy or even sporty vibe. Our rubber watch straps are vulcanized and are waterproof, long-lasting and have resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, stretching, tearing, dirt, dust, abrasion, chemicals, and staining. Take a look at the image below of a blue rubber deployant strap on a Rolex. Notice the curvature, the integration into your Rolex clasp, and the perfectly snug and seamless case connection.

rolex watch with blue rubber deployant strap

*Please note: sizing for our deployant straps can seem tricky at first, but it's actually quite simple. Click HERE for more information on sizing for this product. You can also email a picture of your original bracelet to our customer service at for additional sizing help!

Blue Leather Strap

Next, is our curved end blue leather strap. This strap is a great option for those who want to change up their original bracelet, but still want a classy, sophisticated look. Depending on your watch model, our blue leather strap comes in the deployant, tang buckle, and steel end link option. Our leather straps are made out of the highest quality Italian Nappa leather, which makes them very comfortable and durable.

blue leather watch band on a rolex gmt watch

blue leather watch strap on a rolex daytona

Blue Watch Pouch

Not only does Everest have blue straps, but we also have quite a few blue watch accessories. Our blue leather watch pouch is an amazing gift for a loved one, friend or coworker. It is also made out of Italian Nappa leather and is lined on the inside with an Everest-exclusive super soft microfiber material that keeps your watch safe and scratch free. It also comes with an insert lined with this material that keeps your watch in place and safe from jarring. We also have our Blue microfiber watch pouch that is made out of the same soft microfiber material and comes with the same insert inside. This watch pouch is a great option for our budget-minded customers! 

blue leather watch pouch with omega watch on top

rolex daytona in blue pouch
Blue Watch Wallet

Our next blue accessory is the watch wallet. This is a very unique product because it stores three watches, but remains very sleek and slender. Each watch has its own microfiber pouch with insert. It is made out of Italian Nappa leather and is lined on the inside with the microfiber material. This watch wallet is perfect for travel because it is so slender and can fit in brief cases, carry-ons, and luggage. It is the perfect gift for any watch enthusiast!

blue watch wallet filled with watchesblue watch wallet closed with other accessoriesBlue Watch Roll

Last but not least is the blue watch roll. This is a very popular product among our customers because of the beautiful navy blue color and design. This watch roll comes in two, three and four slot options. It is lined with the microfiber material and each slot has its own compressible pillow for your watch to sit safely and comfortably on. Each watch has its own removable compartment that sits inside of the watch roll and slides easily in and out using our unique railing system. This helps to fully protect your timepieces from any damage. The watch roll also has a flat bottom, which makes it so that the watch roll sits securely and comfortably on surfaces.

blue watch roll for 2 watches with rolexes inside

If you are looking to spice up your watch accessories, our blue products are definitely the answer! Our straps add a pop of color to any outfit and our various blue accessories are sophisticated and timeless. You truly cannot go wrong with any of our products! Shop all of our products HERE.

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