Clash of the Titans: The Rolex Hulk vs. The Rolex Batman

the rolex hulk vs the rolex batman

The Hulk and Batman have several things in common. They’re both named Bruce, they both exist solely in comic book universes, and they both are two of our favorite Rolex references. One is a GMT-Master II, and the other is a classic Submariner. But, both watch superheroes have equally rabid fan bases ready to defend the honor of their favorite watch. 

Let’s be honest: haven’t you always wondered who would win in a fight? It’s hard to predict the actual outcome between an independently wealthy vigilante and a military scientist, so we’ll leave that to the comic book fans. What we can do is pit the Rolex Hulk against the Rolex Batman to determine a possible winner. 

Let’s ring the boxing bell to get this battle started! 

In One Corner: The Rolex Batman 

Just like Bruce Wayne’s iconic Batmobile, the Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” is sleek. The bicolored unidirectional bezel features an inky black and royal blue split. Primarily, the two colors are practical; they help distinguish between a.m. and p.m. when a wearer is traveling across several time zones. The first iteration of the Batman, Ref 116710BLNR, was released in 2013. It was the first instance of a bicolored Cerachrom bezel, an innovation that many claimed was impossible...until it happened. For many years, it was also the only GMT-Master II available in steel since Rolex transitioned the Pepsi GMT-Master II into a white gold reference. Six years later in 2019, Rolex released the Ref 126710BLNR, and the update got a lot of attention. Like the white gold Pepsi, Rolex put the new Batman on a Jubilee bracelet. Rolex also updated the new Batman’s movement to Caliber 3258. That means it has a Chronergy escapement, a 70-hour power reserve, and is regulated to +2/-2 seconds per day for incredible accuracy.  

At Everest Bands, we like the way a Batman looks on a black or blue rubber strap, but we’ve also seen customers use a gray rubber strap on their Rolex for an effective contrast to the darker color scheme. 

the rolex gmt

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In Corner Two: The Rolex Hulk 

It’s big, it’s beefy, and it’s beautiful. The (now discontinued) Rolex Hulk, reference 116610LV, is definitely not a shrinking violet. When it debuted in 2010, it was the first Submariner with both a green dial and bezel. Green has long been associated with Rolex, so it makes sense that it was a go-to color when looking to update the classic Submariner. In many ways, the Rolex Hulk is a successor to the first Submariner with a green bezel, the 16610LV, also known as the Kermit. The Kermit was released in 2003 for the 50th anniversary of the Submariner and discontinued in 2007. Seven years after the Kermit was released, Rolex introduced the Hulk, featuring a brilliant emerald green sunburst maxi dial along with a bright green Cerachrom bezel. The 40 mm supercase makes for an imposing profile, probably due to the increased size of the lugs. It’s a watch for someone who isn’t afraid to draw attention to their wrist and is confident enough to rock a full green monochromatic look. Inside the case is Rolex’s Caliber 3135 with a blue parachrom hairspring and a 48-hour power reserve. 

Everest Bands recommends our green rubber watch strap for the Rolex Hulk to increase the impact of the unique green color. A black rubber strap also serves as the perfect matte backdrop for the Hulk. Since Submariners and GMT-Masters are not available on Oysterflex bracelets, an Everest Band is the only way to depart from the stainless steel bracelets and radically change the look of your watch. 


the rolex hulk vs the rolex gmt blnr



Who Wins The Battle?  

Like most watches, the victor in a head-to-head contest really depends on what you value as a collector. If you love the midnight color scheme of the Batman, the Hulk might feel gaudy or ostentatious to you. If you value a bold statement watch with a monochromatic bezel and dial, the Hulk is going to come away on top. For collectors who want a cutting edge movement with a long power reserve, the Batman’s 70 hours adds almost a full 24 hours to the Hulk’s 48. If you tend to subjugate function under form, the Hulk has more than enough power under the hood. Although a comparison of the two may seem like a simple GMT vs. Sub equation, the reality is much more complex. 

Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

No matter which Superhero watch catches your attention, you’ll want to invest in an arsenal of aftermarket watch bands for your Rolex. If you have a Rolex Batman, change out the strap to protect the Batman’s unique Jubilee bracelet. If the Hulk is your Sub of choice, you can even match your band to the stunning green dial and bezel with our green rubber strap. Holy Rolex, Batman! KAPOW! Who knew your watch collection could look this good?     

Written by Meghan Clark

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