Tudor Watch Prediction 2023: More Ceramic Watches In The Tudor Lineup

Tudor Ceramic Watch 2023 Prediction

Ceramics. They have been one of the hot materials for watch brands to use lately. Tudor hasn’t shied away from this material and if anything has been trying it on more and more of its designs. In 2021 they released the Tudor Black Bay Ceramic and boy, did that watch get popular fast! So, we are thinking that Tudor will really step up their game in 2023 and begin to utilize this material even more. 

Hodinkee Review of Ceramic Black Bay

Image from Hodinkee | Black Bay Ceramic Hands On Review

Past Ceramic Models

First off, let us dig into some pretty cool ceramic parts that Tudor has already utilized on a few of their models. It is easy to get lost in a sea of Black Bay 58s, Black Bay GMTs and Black Bay Chronos utilizing aluminum bezels. For years the only watch that utilized a ceramic part was the Tudor Pelagos. The Tudor Pelagos has always come with a fully luminescent ceramic insert, which frankly was the height of sophistication and technology. The ceramic part is fully made in Switzerland and it has a matte finish, unlike its big brother the Submariner with a polished finish. What was quite surprising last year was when the Pelagos 39 was released, it came with a ceramic insert with a sunburst finish with the luminescent numerals. Tudor does the same sunburst finish on the Ceramic Black Bay’s insert released in 2021. In other words, Tudor has been trying out ceramic finishes and techniques for years.

Worn and Wound Pelagos 39 review

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

With ceramics starting to pop up in their catalog we think they are going to go big this year and create a ceramic chronograph. Yep I said it. But the real question is why? Well, first they had a PVD/DLC Chrono referred to as the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark that was released in 2019 as a partnership with the All Blacks (the New Zealand National rugby team). It wasn’t super popular among watch guys for some reason, and I think has a lot to do with the fact that the PVD at times can wear off. Maybe the expectation is that the watch will look kinda rough quickly? Not sure why it wasn’t much of a hot seller, but it no longer exists in their catalog. 

Everest Tudor Prediction 2023

A Fully Ceramic Tudor Chronograph

For Rolex and Tudor, when something doesn’t seem to work, instead of canning the idea - they actually choose to attempt to perfect it instead. Not to go off on a tangent, but they also seem to trash watches that everyone wants (Oyster-Perpetual 41 Turquoise Blue!!!) So, we think Tudor is going to take the design from the Tudor Chrono that they updated a few years ago and make the case out of ceramic. Plus, we also think that they may even try and one up everyone and do a ceramic bracelet to boot. I know it seems outlandish at first, but how cool would this design be? A fully ceramic Tudor Chrono? I can tell you that I would be lining up for this baby for sure.

Out with the Old and in with the New..

Tudor definitely has been testing the waters of crazy materials. They made a silver Black Bay 58 for heck’s sake, which is cool but also was a complete sidewinder. So, a ceramic chrono just doesn’t sound too crazy to me. As I said before, when something doesn’t seem to work with their customers instead of trashing the idea, Tudor prefers to perfect it. A Ceramic Chrono might just be that crazy next watch that we all are on the waiting list for? See you in line at the Tudor AD after they announce it :-)

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