Can you Remove Scratches from Your Rolex? Should You?

Can you Remove Scratches from Your Rolex? Should You?

Short and simple answer is Yes - Rolex automatically polishes watches that come in for service unless the owner specifically tells them not to.

There is controversy out there whether or not you should polish or not polish your Rolex. Some Rolex owners choose to keep the natural marks that they acquire over time, and others choose to polish their Rolex every few years to shine like new.

how to remove rolex scratches

While vintage timepieces are more valuable in their original condition. Collectors love the original and naturally aged patina. But, if you have a more modern mile - especially not limited-editions, it makes sense to polish it every so often. A slight polish is totally fine, but many forgo Rolex polishing because they like the scratches (or scars) because they tell a story. But, only the owner of that model would appreciate the scratches. If you want to resell your watch, it would be worth seeking a professional Rolex watch.

Understand that when you polish your Rolex watch, a thin layer of metal is removed. But, regardless of your position on polishing, as long as no significant metal is removed, your Rolex watch won’t lose its value. We talk more about Rolex and value here.

can rolex remove scratches

Wearing and using your Rolex watch will result in scratches. However, there are steps you can take to avoid scratching. For instance, you can lay your Rolex on a soft cloth or in its box at night. Everest offers two types of cleaning clothes here. Additionally, you can replace your Rolex bracelet with an Everest band here to keep your bracelet in perfect condition.

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